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11 stycznia 2014 r. (sobota), godz. 1145
sala 112

Discussion Club: 2014 TO DO LIST. wstęp wolny



11 stycznia (sobota), godz. 1145, sala 112


Discussion Club: 2014 TO DO LIST


Have you ever wondered if making New Year’s Resolutions makes any sense?
Do you feel like fooling yourself every single year?
Are you the hopeless case?

Let’s find out if the Poles are worse than the Brits and Americans as for the New Year’s Resolutions.

Our Discussion Club offers a rare opporunity to make some New Year’s Resolutions in public (it’s harder not to keep them)!

If you want to find out what resolutions the Brits and Americans make and chip in some info about the Poles, join us on January 11th.


wstęp wolny


Sobota, 11.01.2014

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