9th edition of the 3…2…1…DANCE! choreographic competition

9th edition of the 3…2…1…DANCE! choreographic competition

Krakow Choreographic Centre invites you to the 9th edition of 3…2…1… DANCE! choreographic competition which will be held on 23-24 March 2019 in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Krakow, Poland.

During the event there will be also a contemporary dance workshop with Israel Aloni (for beginners and advanced dancers), 22-24 March and a guest performance ‘CPH4″ of the Dance Theatre Faculty in Bytom.  
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The event 3…2…1… DANCE! is a choreographic competition which has taken place annually since 2011. The competition includes solo works, duos and trios, basing on widely perceived contemporary dance techniques. The main aim of the competition is to confront your own choreographic work with professional jury and the feedback, from both the jury and the audience, which is to educate the latter. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of the few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.

The form of the competition constitutes its distinctive feature; according to it every juror, without consulting other members of the jury, awards his/her own two prizes for two chosen presentations. The juror has to determine what values of a particular performance influenced his/her decision and list them on the certificate. Additional prizes in the competition are the audience award and the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will be chosen by the Organizers from among all the winners.

23rd March 2019 – competition evening (preselected pieces)

24th March 2019 – announcement of results and presentations of winners.


Presentation time cannot be longer than: 12 minutes for trio, 9 minutes for duo, 6 minutes for solo.
Application fee: 25 euro SOLO, 50 euro DUO, 75 euro TRIO.
application deadline: 13th February 2019
Results of preselection: 25th February 2019

The pool of prizes: 3100 euro + workshops during the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER 2019

  • 3x first prize 500 euro
  • 3x second prize 300 euro
  • 1 x audience prize 300 euro
  • Grand Prix 400 euro

Attention! The competition is addressed to choreographers and performers over 18 years old. The preselection will be made on the technical recording of the spectacle – one shot, without montage, in the best possible quality. The recording should last exactly as long as the competition presentation. The organizers inform that works showing work in progress, teasers and trailer performances will be rejected due to formal reasons. Additionally – it should be taken into account that during the competition only one lighting plan can be used and there is no possibility of using multimedia projections.



Krakow Choreographic Centre, Krakow, Poland
al. Jana Pawła II 232

Contact: kcc@nck.krakow.pl


Anna Godowska
A choreographer, dancer, researcher, contemporary dance teacher. For her dance is a unique form of expression of human spirituality, and at the same time a way to explore it.

She was a resident of the Centre national de la danse in Paris (2005), the center of Maison Folie in Belgium and the Choreographisches Zentrum NRW in Essen, scholarship holder of the Mobile Academy (2006), participant of Theorem Residency Project 2005 and Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy Coaching in Zagreb,

Her solo work: “On the way to Opus” was prepared for the opening of the Choreographisches Zentrum NRW in Essen, 2000 as part of “Solo w Dialog-Solo im Dialog” project.

Twice she received the scholarship of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2013 and 2017). Author and creator of many artistic and educational projects, of which the most important “Sub-consciousness and Body”, became the basis for the master’s thesis “Dance as a creative work with the body in the process of individuation” (University of Warsaw 2006).

In the years 2001-2012, Anna Godowska and Sławek Krawczyński were leading the Bretoncaffe Theater. Bretoncaffe’s first work, the spectacle “Mirror. We were there once but we managed to forget “, received one of the main prizes of the 8th National Competition for Contemporary Play which is the biggest such a competition in Poland. The whole output of the Bretoncaffe Theater is more than a dozen performances presented on many stages in Poland and at numerous festivals abroad.

The most important part of the joint work of Godowska and Krawczynski is the research project called “Dances of the Dreambody”, initiated in 2005 as part of Anna Godowska’s residency at the Centre national de la danse Pantin-Paris. The aim of this project is to apply the idea of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung and the process oriented psychology of Arnold Mindell in the practice of dance and theater. This is the first such a project in Poland.

In 2013 Godowska and Krawczynski initiated The_Rite_of_Dreams_Project which is devoted to the development of their own method of artistic creation and education based on the psychological and spiritual ideas mentioned above. The first work under this project, the spectacle “Nijinsky. The Rite of dreams “, received two awards from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage at the Polish Dance Platform 2014 in Lublin: for the best performance and for the best artistic performance.

In the ranking of the monthly Teatr magazine, the play was included in the group of the best performances of dance theater in Poland in the season 2013/2014. In 2015, Anna Godowska and Sławek Krawczyński received the commemorative award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of joint artistic work for achievements and contribution to the development of contemporary dance in Poland.

Another spectacle of Godowska and Krawczyński “Bataille and dawn of new days”, an expressive and touching interpretation of the work of the outstanding philosopher Georges Bataille, realized for six dancers, was presented at the most important dance festivals in Poland, such as the Malta International Festival in Poznań, the International Body / Mind Festival in Warsaw, International Dance Theatres Meetings in Lublin or during the succesful tour around Eastern Europe (in Minsk, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Dnipro, Kiev)

The newest performance by Godowska and Krawczynski “Hamlet. The Dream “received the first prize of the Sopot Theater Consequences Festival, December 2018.

The spectacles of Godowska and Krawczyński represented Polish dance and theater at numerous festivals and presentations abroad: in Germany, France, Brazil, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia.

As a choreographer, Anna Godowska cooperated with many outstanding artists from other fields of art.

She is an author of choreography for all performances of the Women’s Choir, a recognizable theatrical performative project that performs internationally. “Here speaks the Choir”, “Magnificat”, “Requiemaszyna”, “Hymn do miłości”  (Theater Institute, Warsaw), “Mother Courage will not be silent. Choir during the war”(created for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel), “Mother Courage” (for Staatstheater Braunschweig). In December 2017, Anna Godowska received an award for choreography at the Divine Comedy International Theater Festival in Krakow for the choreography of “Hymn do miłości”.

In 2018 she created choreography for the play “Jedem das Seine” at the Kammerspiele Theater Munich.

Sha also collaborated with the an outstanding visual artist Katarzyna Kozyra, creating choreographies for her works: “Lord of the Dance” (2002, premiere: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina, Sofia), “Cheerleader” (2006, premiere: National Gallery Zachęta in

Warsaw) and “Il Castrato”, (2006, the premiere for the International Festival Gender Bender in Bologna, Italy).

In her experiences Godowska has also a cooperation with film director Kuba Czekaj – choreographies for his movies “Dark Room Do not Be Afraid” and “Princess Olch”.

As a choreographer and dancer, she also collaborated with the National Theater in Warsaw and the National Opera of the Grand Theater in Warsaw.

Agata Moląg
Manager of the Krakow Choreographic Centre in 2015-2018, co-founder and dancer of the Around Centre Group, contemporary dance and ballet teacher. Practitioner and dance theoretician (Theatre Studies at the Jagiellonian University). She graduated from the Social Ballet School in Krakow, receiving the Diploma of the Dancer-Choreographer. From 2007 to 2015, she was a dancer in the Krakow Dance Theater, with whom she made 14 premieres, including one solo performance “Blonde. A Try”. For her creations in the Theatre performances, such as “Cicindela” or “TAKARAZUKA.camp”, she received prizes at competitions in Tychy and Konin. Her first choreographies “Do you feel like coffee?” (solo) and “… oraz, że Cię nie…” (duo with Paweł Łyskawa) represented the debut scene in Kalisz and Poland on the Solo&Duo in Budapest.

She co-created and coordinated many dance and artistic events such as: BalletOFFFestival, Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, 3…2…1…DANCE! choreographic competition and educational events as taniec.edu.

As the KCC manager, she was responsible for the concept of the Krakow Choreographic Centre, was giving it a development direction through regular activities and fundraising. Now she focuses mainly on artistic and choreographic work, presenting performances among others in the framework of the Polish Dance Network. For the Around Centre Group she created stage and street repertoire performances: “Makia”, “Mourners”, “Celsius 38”, “Propriety” and collectively multimedia performance “spectral layers of movement”.

She is passionately contributed to the informal creative space of Młyn Zabierzów near Krakow. She creates a space for artistic and educational activities there, conducts regular dance and movement activities for children and adults, workshops and integration projects.

Assen Assenov
Director of ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts

With 20 years of experience, Assen Assenov is working for the integration of Bulgaria to the European and world cultural scene. Founded by him in 2002, ONE is the largest independent cultural organization in the country.

Bringing global artistic trends to local audiences, Assenov has organized hundreds of art events of different scale, size and impact. He has also participated in the process of winning the title of the European Capital of Culture – 2019 for Plovdiv.

ONE foundation organise the biggest international festival for contemporary dance in Bulgaria – ONE DANCE WEEK.
Link: http://onefoundation.bg/

Israel Aloni
Aloni is a maker, performer, mentor and entrepreneur with great interest in the social-political context of art and its making. Aloni is the Artistic Director of ilDance, an independent and international company based in Gothenburg, Sweden which they established together with Lee Brummer in 2012. Aloni has also been director of other artistic and cultural entities such as Tr.IPP at Transit Dance in Melbourne.

Aloni’s journey as a professional dancer included creation processes and performances of works by choreographers such as Sasha Waltz, Club Guy & Roni, Sharon Eyal, Wim Vandekeybus, Mats Ek and Marco Goecke to name a few.

Alongside their artistic practice and entrepreneurial initiatives, Aloni continuously develops a movement method that is influenced by their fascination with the infinite creativity of the mind and the quest to physically convey and communicate the intricacy of the human imagination and fantasy. Accompanied by deep research, Aloni’s approaches the physical body with great desire and demand, whilst staying away from constrains or strain. Their method is called The I.Aloni Experience and it encapsulates Aloni’s extensive experience with contemporary dance and their fascination with additional fields of knowledge such as biology, physics, anthropology, sociology and psychology.

Link: http://www.ildance.se

photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz