Body Lab

Body Lab (Laboratorium ciała) is a creative group/project gathering artists connected with Kraków, working in the field of choreography and contemporary dance. The Lab was initiated and is run by dancer, choreographer, and head of the Kraków Choreographic Centre – Marta Wołowiec. Co-creators of Body Lab: Pamela Bosak, Anna Chmiel-Kowalska, Monika Godek, Karolina Graca, Agnieszka Skorut, Magdalena Skowron, Monika Szpunar, Dominika Wiak, Barbara Barbara Wysoczańska-Grochal.

As the name itself indicates, the Lab is a place where we test everything that calls for our attention at the given moment. In an in-depth manner, we explore movement, body awareness, and the resulting stage presence. We react to what happens here and now. We observe one another, we name our feelings and impressions. In the context of the pandemic reality, which made real contact with the audience impossible, the Lab gives us a chance to juggle the performer – spectator roles. We create before one another, immediately exposing our work to the “external eye”. We don’t train one movement technique, we search for new ways of moving the body in space. We talk, analyse, and share our experiences. We practise mindfulness towards ourselves, other people, and the whole group together. We intuitively wander around the space in which we allow ourselves to leave our comfort zones, and at the same time strengthen what makes each of us stand out. We multiply good energy. We are inspired by female SUPERHEROES.