The Kraków Choreographic Centre conducts regular educational activities for children, teenagers, and adults at different levels of proficiency. The following classes are held regularly throughout the year (October 2023 – June 2024).

If you are interested in workshops, we encourage you to join our intensive week-long workshops during the Krakow Dance Festival.

Little Movement Theatre (Mały Teatr Ruchu) is our proposal for the youngest dancers, children aged 4-10; it is based on dance, movement, and theatre. The basic objectives of the project include: introducing children into the world of performing arts, familiarising them with the arcana of working on stage, and their creative development.

Hartownia – a contemporary dance group for children aged 11-14; continuation of the work of the Little Movement Theatre at a more advanced level and a proposal for young people who want to start their dance journey at the KCC. The classes are based around contemporary dance technique, supported by coordination, fitness, and stretching exercises. The classes will be enriched with solo and group improvisation practice. 

Youth Group – a contemporary dance group for teenagers aged 15-17, complementing the regular educational class schedule at the Kraków Choreographic Centre. During the classes, we use contemporary dance technique, elements of floorwork and improvisation, fitness exercises, and work in groups. We put emphasis on balanced physical development of young dancers, shaping good habits, and body awareness. Regular classes held twice a week lead to the preparation of a stage performance.

Cardio Contemporary is a class for adult (18+) beginners. We encourage all beginners with little experience in the field of contemporary dance and those who took a break in practising dance and want to return to regular classes to join. The classes, held twice a week, help build good physical condition and improve coordination, but also stimulate creativity, inspiring artistic explorations.

Pracownia is a regular group meeting twice a week for contemporary dance classes. The classes are intended for dancers with intermediate skills in contemporary dance technique. The participants develop general fitness and mobility, coordination, and movement/muscle memory, and deepen their body awareness. Members of the Pracownia group will acquire new skills through individual practice, as well as work in pairs/groups. Sharing your observations and insights with other members of the group and mutual inspiration are important elements of the classes.

All the regular classes at the KCC are held in Polish.