We see the need to share artistic work in process, conversations about dance and choreography, as well as creative work tools. This is why we are launching a new initiative in Kraków, called “Taniec w procesie” (“Dance in process”), thinking about cooperation and exchange between artists and people interested in the reception of dance.

 We want to create a space for meetings between audiences and creators working on performances/choreography/movement also during their choreography explorations, even before the official premiere. We are counting on an exchange of impressions, delight, and doubts in small groups, on conversations about work in an atmosphere of respect and mutual support. We don’t want to promote or judge anyone, we prefer to talk and learn together.

Maybe for some artists, presence of an additional pair of eyes is enough and they don’t need extensive feedback from the audience. We also take this kind of scenario into account, so Dance in process may be executed a little differently each time. We aren’t forcing anything, we offer space and time.

 If you are interested in sharing what you’re currently working on and talking about it, let us know at Information about the planned meetings will be published on KCC’s Facebook page

Our Residents:

  • Pamela Bosak, Agnieszka Ferenc 
  • Zuzanna Nir, Marta Stępień (REWERS Collective)
  • Łukasz Wójcicki, Tatiana Cholewa, Anna Jurek
  • Michał Przybyła, Dominik Więcek
  • Monika Szpunar

Fot. Klaudyna Schubert