Change of the current KCC crew

Change of the current KCC crew

Marta Wołowiec – the current head of KCC, after 10 years of cooperation with this place, decided to take a one-year break. Marta has been at KCC since its inception, she experienced the changes firsthand and observed the Choreographic Center’s development. She implemented subsequent projects and created performances. She has met and invited many people in this space, and has been in a leadership position for the past few years. Under her leadership, we have built a strong, female team that supports each other, talks and feels. And we remain like this, strengthened, tender and open. We understand and are happy with Marta’s decision and support her further actions.

Now we decided to COLLECTIVELY manage the Krakow Choreographic Centre. Under Marta’s leadership, we have paved the way in terms of management fluidity and co-thinking, for which we are extremely grateful. We also know that we have a bumpy road ahead of us, learning again, finding ourselves in new roles, with new responsibilities and in a slightly different system.

At this point, the person who is taking Management Responsibilities is Ola Honza, in whom we strongly believe and support in her new position!

And together we rediscover what co-thinking and co-curating is; what is collectivity for us, what does it mean, what can it be? The next year will be a year of testing, implementation, there will be ups and downs, but together


Any inquiries/proposals for cooperation please send to:

“- Surprise yourself…

…and others and build your approach to certain issues and certain things…

…but also the awareness that the approach is changing because we are changing.


And KCC is changing with us…

… there is nothing to be afraid of.”

A fragment of a KCC self-rewiev published in magazine„Performer”

Photo: Klaudyna Schubert