3…2…1…DANCE! workshops with Israel Aloni!

3…2…1…DANCE! workshops with Israel Aloni!

We encourage you to take part in the workshops with Israel Aloni within the 3…2…1…DANCE! https://nck.krakow.pl/kcc/en/9th-edition-of-the-321dance-choreographic-competition/ event. Each of three days of workshops will begin with the OPEN class for beginners and advanced dancers. This 1 hour of class is dedicated for proper warm up and physical work suitable for mixed group of people. Consequently the following 1,5 hour will consist of the contemporary dance workshop for advanced dancers.

22-24 March 2019, studio C 04

For beginners:
1 OPEN class (1 h) – 35 PLN
3 OPEN classes (3 hrs) – 80 PLN

For advanced dancers:
1 day, OPEN + workshop (2,5 hrs) – 60 PLN
3 days, OPEN + workshop (7,5 hrs) – 150 PLN

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Israel Aloni

Aloni is a maker, performer, mentor and entrepreneur with great interest in the social-political context of art and its making. Aloni is the Artistic Director of ilDance, an independent and international company based in Gothenburg, Sweden which they established together with Lee Brummer in 2012. Aloni has also been director of other artistic and cultural entities such as Tr.IPP at Transit Dance in Melbourne.

Aloni’s journey as a professional dancer included creation processes and performances of works by choreographers such as Sasha Waltz, Club Guy & Roni, Sharon Eyal, Wim Vandekeybus, Mats Ek and Marco Goecke to name a few.

Alongside their artistic practice and entrepreneurial initiatives, Aloni continuously develops a movement method that is influenced by their fascination with the infinite creativity of the mind and the quest to physically convey and communicate the intricacy of the human imagination and fantasy. Accompanied by deep research, Aloni’s approaches the physical body with great desire and demand, whilst staying away from constrains or strain. Their method is called The I.Aloni Experience and it encapsulates Aloni’s extensive experience with contemporary dance and their fascination with additional fields of knowledge such as biology, physics, anthropology, sociology and psychology.


Introduction to Aloni’s movement practice which pulls on the vast capacity of the mind to create and explore in a dream state or across the border between reality and fantasy. Following the creativity of the mind to feel liberated in our bodies whilst respecting and honoring the physical self.

The workshop will offer opportunities to discover alternative ways to approach the physical body and minimise the level of effort and strain while following the multidimensionality of the creative mind.

The sensory and tactile attributes of Aloni’s movement approach, feed back to the reward and satisfaction of the dancing individual.

Aloni is developing their own approach to movement through the ongoing research under the headline The I.Aloni Experience.

Link: http://www.ildance.se/