“Trans_Miss(i)on”, Around Centre Group in the KCC Studio

Feel invited for the newest performance of the Around Centre Group in the choreography of Iwona Olszowska and Ferenc Fehér! “Trans_Miss(i)on”, 19th January 2019, 7 p.m., KCC Studio, tickets: 25 PLN.

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choreography: Iwona Olszowska, Ferenc Fehér
dance: Jan Lorys, Paweł Konior, Zuzanna Nir, Piotr Skalski, Monika Świeca, Marta Wołowiec
music: Ferenc Fehér, Marcin Janus

It’s a journey deep inside. Exchange between heart beat, flow dynamic, between what’s inside and outside. Exploration of vital and original tribal and subtle suspend. Movement subjected to the laws of physics, emotions and state. Immersed in different space-time and realities. Pulsating between vitality, primordial status and status quo. Between reality and dreaming about flying. Erecting what is organic, animal, archetypal, but also directed to subtle punctures, the elusiveness of the cosmos and spirit. Trans, ritual, the path to itself by connecting with a particle of the surrounding energy of the Universe.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/302579016


Ferenc Fehér (Hungary) – dancer and choreographer. His style is a unique and an extremely expressive combination of physical dance, dance theatre and movement theatre, freestyle dance, and animalistic forms, all transformed into a distinctive dance. Ferenc’s style has been developing continuously since 2007 thanks to his own path and individual choreographies based on his consistent explorations of movement and the process of uncompromisingly perfecting his original technique. He started out as a performer at the Finita la Commedia Company, with which he produced 19 performances and won 16 festival awards. For over 11 years of his own career in choreography, Ferenc worked on 25 co-productions, over a half of them outside of Hungary. With his performances, he has travelled Europe and a considerable part of the world, visiting places such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Panama, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the USA, Israel, Iran, Canada, Singapore, China, and Egypt. Ferenc is also an author of off-stage creations, e.g. in the “World War Z” feature film or the “Amper and Juice” dance movie. Thanks to his unique and recognisable style, he often teaches during international festivals, in countries including China, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Romania, the USA, Panama, Palestine, Iran, Egypt, and the Netherlands.

Iwona Olszowska (Poland) – dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance teacher. As a teacher, she specialises in body awareness, improvisation, contact, and improvisation as performance. She has a Somatic Movement Educator certificate based on the Body-Mind Centering® approach. She created her own dance style, called the “spiral flow dynamic”. Co-founder and artistic director of the EST Experimental Dance Studio (1989), carrying out structured improvisation, lecture-performance, and site-specific projects – pioneering activities in Polish dance at the time of its establishment. She created the “Obszar tańca” (“Dance Area”) series at the BARAKAH Theatre in Kraków. Author of solo performances and group choreographies, e.g. for the Polish Dance Theatre. She has also created stage movement for drama theatres – in a total of about 40 productions. She has conducted coaching sessions concluded with performances, including “Falling After Paxton” in Toruń, Łódź, Białystok, and Wrocław. She has worked on projects with Pracownia Fizyczna, Renata Piotrowska, Marta Pietruszka, Magda Przybysz, Jacek Owczarek, Anna Haracz, Natalia Iwaniec, and internationally with Liz Lerman, Risa Jaroslow, Maida Withers, Pierre Deloche, and Michael Schumacher, She has won awards for her choreographies, for consistently following her own creative path, and for her stage personality, and received scholarships from the Batory Foundation and the ArtsLink programme in New York. For several years now, she has been working with musician Marcin Janus and dancer and performer Paweł Konior, basing her choreographies on the BMC and structured improvisation approach.

The production is coorganized with the Institute of Music and Dance within the program Choreographic Commissions 2018