Lekcja otwarta z Israelem Aloni

Lekcja otwarta z Israelem Aloni

Serdecznie zapraszamy na otwartą lekcję z Israelem Aloni, tancerzem w przeszłości związanym z takimi zespołami jak: Kibbutz Company i GöteborgsOperans Danskompani. Lekcja odbędzie się w ramach porannego Treningu Profi w poniedziałek 24 kwietnia w godzinach 12:00-14:00 w Nowohuckim Centrum Kultury. Zajęcia adresowane są do osób na poziomie średnio zaawansowanym i zaawansowanym. Wizyta choreografa związana jest z pracą nad nowym projektem, w którym środowisko krakowskich tancerzy ma również szansę wziąć udział.

cena lekcji: 20 zł (członkowie Pracowni METAfizyczna oraz Pracowni PRO – wstęp bezpłatny!)

zapisy: kcc@nck.krakow.pl

Israel Aloni – biography

I was born in 1983.

I started dancing as a young kid at the community center. As a dancing boy in a problematic neighborhood, I struggled a little to pave my way. However, due to the rarity of a young boy dancing in my environment and the fact that I advanced rapidly, I gained recognition from media and the community.

The special attention from the surroundings only alienated me from my natural habitat. At some point my dancing picked up and I was pulled from the community center to dance in a more advanced group, later in a more professional setting and gradually I worked my way until I earned a spot at Thelma Yellin, high school for the arts.

I graduated Thelma Yellin with honors in 2001. During my last period in school I worked with the Israel Ballet. Right after graduation I went to New York for the Juilliard Summer Intensive.
When I arrive back to Israel I was invited to dance with the Kibbutz Dance Company in the north of Israel. At 18 years of age, after a year in the Kibbutz Company I was offered a job at GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and I moved to Sweden in the summer of 2002.

Since then I have been based in Sweden.

Alongside my dancing career I have developed my interest and passion to make dance. I have been choreographing in various organizations, companies and institutions around the world until in 2012 I decided to found my own company with Lee Brummer who has been my creative partners for many years until then. Together, we established ilDance.

ilDance is an international and independent contemporary dance company which initiates and operates several pioneer and international projects. 
In our activity in ilDance we keep close relationships with choreographers and dancers from around the world and we include them in many of our activities in Sweden and elsewhere.

As choreographer I have made and presented work around the globe. I have been working in both independent projects as well as commissions for existing companies and organizations worldwide.
In my practice I am interested in the development and progression of both individuals and societies. I research gender representation in performing arts and the impact of a society on the the individual self.

I strongly believe in the importance of sharing and exposing the artistic process with emerging artists, students and the general public. Through indulging in educational and mentoring experience I allow my artistic practice to gain context and stay edgy.

Description of class:

Israel Aloni teaches contemporary dance classes which are uniquely structured by Aloni’s method. The classes are a great opportunity to experiment with the intellectual, anatomical and conceptual guidelines that inform Aloni’s choreographic practice. They consist of improvisation tasks, bone alignment and mind-body attentiveness exercises, as well as implementation of these ideas into movement sequences. Aloni’s method is inspired by the power of mind over mater. The classes offer opportunities to broaden the perception of what is possible to achieve with our physical body by expending the creativity of the mind and building genuine trust in our imagination. The method strive for maximum movement with minimum effort. Aloni’s movement language is raw, exciting and sensual. It reaches beyond the borders of convention or conformity into fields of freedom and excitement which are available for each of the participants in the class. The participants are acknowledged as creative individuals who are set on a journey of exploration and expression through the medium of movement.