“Teach yourself to fly” chor. Artur Bieńkowski Krakow Choreographic Centre Resident’s Premiere

“Teach yourself to fly” chor. Artur Bieńkowski Krakow Choreographic Centre Resident’s Premiere

We are very happy to invite you for the premiere of our this year’s resident Artur Bieńkowski. His choreography entitled „Teach yourself to fly” performed by wonderful dancer Victoria Kennett, was chosen by KCC team as the most interesting proposition worthy to support in the production process. Artur and Victoria were practicing within KCC studio space during this November and the effect of their work you can see now, for oneself.

„Teach yourself to fly”
choreography: Artur Bieńkowski
dance: Victoria Kennett
music: Kassel Jaeger
premiere: 30th November 2019, KCC Studio, 7 p.m.
Tickets: 25 PLN (in the box office or online: https://biletyna.pl/)

The “Teach yourself to fly” choreographic project assumes that working with the methodology of the creative process and choreographic strategy is a cognitive process that causes a change in perception. The main inspiration of the creators are methods of “Deep Listening” by Pauline Oliveros – exercises transforming perceptive habits in order to develop openness towards the environment and other, thus understanding that true listening, the ability to be heard / heard as well as true listening shapes reality and has potential changes. Deep Listening is also a way to listen to all possible sounds in all possible ways and replace the observation with active participation.
Deep Listening is here not only a change sharpening the sense but also a change that causes a different way of participating in reality.
The creators assume that the whole body is the recipient of everything: sounds, thoughts, imaginations and the choreography consists of body movement as well as the imagination and expectations of the viewer.

Apart from the performance there is also a great opportunity to take part in workshop with Victoria. „Instant composition” is a proposition for dancers and amatours, profesionals and begginers, open to all movers and non movers that want to explore and have fun!

More info about this workshop you can find here: (link z aktualności o tym warsztacie po angielsku, które wysłałam w poprzednim mailu)