„Instant composition”- workshop with Victoria Kennett 30th of November 2019

„Instant composition”- workshop with Victoria Kennett 30th of November 2019

„Instant composition” is a proposition for dancers and amatours, profesionals and begginers, open to all movers and non movers that want to explore and have fun.

If you want to join us, here is all the info you need:

Krakow Choreographic Centre at Nowa Huta Cultural Centre
30th of November 2019
100 PLN/ 3 hours workshop
registration: kcc@nck.krakow.pl

Victoria about workshop:

„I see movement as a sound system with so many different parameters that can play on the way of moving. Within a journey through improvisation, I like to awaken all the senses, and the full body awareness to become a very articulate body in motion. Each session has a different approach that has been inspired from my background, the people I meet and work with, my current personal research, the energy of the day and of the group… the space then becomes a place where everything is possible. Through a solo form at the beginning of the research, we will search for a particular, precise, and complex way of dancing, mixing different layers of levels, musicality, emotion, breathing, images, muscle tension… but always focusing on here and now, with playfulness. Pushing performativity with an articulated body.

In the second part of the research, after pushing curiosity and having worked on a complex solo form, we will focus on instant composition, and group thinking. How we can compose the space in different structures and with different tasks; paying attention to what the group need. We will try to see how to create a complex situation, interesting from the inside and outside. It is strongly linked with a performative aspect that we will push further. It’s all about sharp decisions, and understanding timing, without forgetting the body. What do we do, where and how. 

The whole research/class is open to professional dancers, amateurs, non-dancers that are curious about movement, and movement artist or worker. Building awareness is one of my first priority; as in self-awareness, group awareness, spatial awareness and even in those 3 categories there are so many more to discover. Opening up a frame and an open space for students to experience, try, fail, retry, succeed, maybe – in a safe environment, where everything is possible.”


After her education at the Choreographic Center James Carlès in Toulouse, Victoria started to work with the company La Colombe Enragée, on a creation “Eveil”. During and through her education she performed cabaret in different places and companies (during 5 years) which gave her a lot of stage experience. As a freelance dance artist, she took many diverse workshops in contemporary dance though Europe. She joined the MoDem intensive program of Compania Zappala Danza, in Sicily and stayed there for the young company CZD, working on repertoire of CZD and a quartet creation “Intrecciato” by Milan Tomasik. She worked with Polish Dance Theater for the season 2018-2019, touring with repertoire pieces such as  Zniwa, Wesele, No More Tears, 40; and took part in the creation of Obiecana Ziemia Obiecana directed by Katarzyna Raduszewska and choreographed by Artur Bienkowski; and also in “Sledztwo” by Mikolaj Mikolajczyk. Currently, working on a duet “Zugwang” choreographed by Artur Bienkowski (PL), a solo “Teach yourself to fly co-created by the same choreographer, and a quartet by Aviaja Dance Company (DK).  The past year Victoria has been developing her teaching activity, an improvisation class based on the idea of “here and now”, building self-awareness, group awareness and spatial awareness, in a playful and articulated way, mixing many different influences from her teachers and the artists she collaborated with.

After workshop, in the evening, we would like to invite you also for the premiere of our this year’s resident Artur Bieńkowski. His choreography entitled „Teach yourself to fly” performed by Victoria, was chosen by KCC team as the most interesting proposition worthy to support in the production process. Artur and Victoria were practicing within KCC studio space during this November and the effect of their work you can see now, for oneself.

 „Teach yourself to fly” choreography: Artur Bieńkowski
dance: Victoria Kennett
music: Kassel Jaeger
premiere: 30th November 2019, KCC Studio, 7 p.m.
Tickets and more info: 25 PLN (in the box office or online: https://biletyna.pl/)