Jury of the 3…2…1…DANCE! edition 2019

Jury of the 3…2…1…DANCE! edition 2019

Every year, we try to introduce a different composition of the jurors within the choreographic competition. We hope that this will allow participants’ works to be evaluated in a more diverse way, not only in terms of awards, but also in the context of post-competition talks, the feedback. Different people, various tastes and opinions…

Each juror individually awards two prizes: the first in the amount of EUR 500 and the second in the amount of EUR 300. The exception to this rule is the KCC representative award – participation in the workshops as part of the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER. Importantly, the jurors do not consult each other. Each of them should make his/her own choice. Practice shows that the selection of winners is very difficult, because it is difficult to choose only two pieces out of a dozen or so. On the other hand, if the juror does not decide to reward the given choreography, there is a chance that his/her colleague from the jury will do it, so more good works will be appreciated. Unless we get to a jury with similar tastes … Will it happen this time?

Meet the jurors of the 9th edition of the choreography competition 3…2…1…DANCE!

Anna Godowska

Agata Moląg (KCC representative)

Assen Assenov

Israel Aloni

Jurors’ biographies can be found under the link <CLICK>

We are very happy that such great personalities wanted to be a jury member of 3…2…1…DANCE! And we invite you to play the role of a juror: come to the competition and award the audience prize, which will be chosen through voting!

By the way, we remind you that the deadline for applications to the competition is February 13!

Schedule of the competition:

March 23, at 5 PM, KCC Studio, competition presentations (pieces selected for the competition) and subsequent feedback from jurors, participants and audience (please reserve more time if you stay for feedback, usually last until midnight); tickets: PLN 25

March 24, at 5 PM, KCC Studio, presentation of the winners of the competition and the official awarding of prizes; tickets: PLN 25

Additional events within 3…2…1…DANCE!:

Contemporary dance workshops with Israel Aloni (for beginners and advanced) <CLICK>

“CPH4” – diploma performance of the Dance Theatre Faculty in Bytom students <CLICK>