CIAŁOWANIE workshops on Festival SPACER

CIAŁOWANIE workshops on Festival SPACER

We would like to invite for the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER and CIAŁOWANIE workshops which take place in Krakow from 30th April till 3rd May. World renowned dancers and choreographers will teach in Krakow Choreographic Centre for 4 days of the festival!

Feel invited for 26 hours of classes:
– physical dance/partnering with Laura Aris Alvarez, long-term dancer of Ultima Vez,
– modern/contemporary dance with Uri Ivgi (Israel), artistic director of Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre / Ivgi&Greben,
– ballet classes with Johan Greben (the Netherlands), artistic director of Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre,
– repertory with Ivgi&Greben,
– organic dance technique with Wojciech Mochniej (Poland/Canada), artistic director of W&M Physical Theatre.

WHERE: Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Krakow, Poland
WHEN: 30 April – 3 May 2015
COSTS: € 160 – whole 4 days, € 50 – one day (€ 100 – two days, € 150 – three days)

Single passes for CIAŁOWANIE workshops!
There is a possibility to participate in single lesson during CIAŁOWANIE workshops on Festival SPACER! You can book place at (please, send the information about the day, hour and technique of chosen workshop).
Single lesson with Laura Aris Alvarez (physical dance/partnering), 2 h – 55 zł
Single lesson with Uri Ivgi (contemporary/modern), Johan Greben (ballet class), Wojciech Mochniej (organic dance technique), 1,5h – 45 zł
On a first come first served basis! There is a possibility to purchase a single pass right before the workshop – if free places are available.



Laura Aris 

Laura Aris is a performer, choreographer and recognised international teacher. Her performing experience includes a decade as a formal member of the renowned Belgium dance Company Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez. Together with Jorge Jáuregui she created the artistic platform EMBER in 2010. She has been the artistic residency at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts during 2013-14.

For the past five years she has been working as a freelance artist developing her own creative practices. Through her work she seeks to promote different forms of dialogue between the audience and the performer. Laura has also a great interest in developing a fluent dialogue between contemporary dance and other disciplines. She maintains a steadfast focus on collaborations with other artists.

Uri Ivgi&Johan Greben

Before Ivgi & Greben teamed up in 2003 they both worked successfully as independant choreographer. In 1998 Uri Ivgi received the first prize for best dancer during the International Competition for Choreographers in the Suzanne Dellal Centre, as well as the award for Upcoming Talented Choreographer from the Ministry of Culture in Israel. With his duet Longing he won the Public Award during the International Competition for Choreographers in Groningen, The Netherlands in 2002. The same duet won him second prize and Public Award during the Choreographers Competition in Hannover, Germany. In 1989 Johan Greben won the Encouragement Prize for Choreography from the Amsterdam Foundation for the Arts as well as the Wim Barry Stipendia Award for his first piece Later. In 1996 he won the third prize with his duet 610 during the Choreographers Competition in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Since the first collaboration of Ivgi & Greben in 2003 they created for Ballet am Rhein, Germany; Dansgroep Amsterdam, Introdans and Scapino Ballet, The Netherlands; It dansa, Spain; Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, South-Korea; Modern Dance Turkey; National Theatre Ballet and Prague Chamber Ballet, Czech; Phoenix Dance Theatre and Scottish Dance Theatre, Great- Britain; Szeged Contemporary Ballet Company, HU; Provincial Dances Theatre, Russia; Skânes Dansteater and Norrdans, Sweden and Tanzkompanie Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland.

In 2011, Ivgi&Greben won The Golden Mask Award in Moscow in the category Best Choreographer-Ballet/Contemporary Dance. They received this most important Theatre Prize in Russia for This is not a love song, which they created for the Provincial Dances Theater in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

On 1 September Ivgi & Greben have been appointed as artistic leaders from Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre Bytom in Poland and as artistic leaders from the International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival Dance in Bytom in Poland.

Ivgi&Greben present their ideas and thoughts through an imaginative body vocabulary combined with poetic images which build and break, and touch and confront. They consider their work to be a mirror for their audience as well as themselves and so invite the audience to search for a personal reflection of reality. Using themes such as oppression, tension between individuals and groups, longing for freedom and love, and sexuality and acceptance,
Ivgi &Greben create a visual world blending movement, music, light and costumes into an esthetic of their own. By breaking boundaries and using intense physicality, their choreography achieves a tapestry representing control, power, strength and endurance interwoven with moments of softness, intimacy and tenderness.

Uri Ivgi Class

Uri Ivgi teaches a modern class based on his own dynamic dance language as a choreographer. His class starts with a warming-up focusing on freeing the muscles and joints to create a total free body. After, he gradually guides the dancers through small dance phrases involving the use of space. His class will finally develop in very dynamic combinations where Uri includes a lot of floor work. His aim is to challenge the dancers to work with their extremes but still with the awareness of ‘the free body’ his class starts with.

Johan Greben Class

Johan teaches a grounded classical training for both ballet and contemporary dancers with a strong focus on clarity and freedom of movement that stimulate movement qualities and musicality. Through the entire class Johan will encourage and challenge dancers to work beyond their limits with, especially in the centre an extreme use of space.


Ivgi&Greben will teach a part of their most recent work ‘I Give You My Heart’ created for Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom which premiered on 14 February 2015. During the teaching Ivgi & Greben will work with the dancers on all the technical requirements, dynamics and intentions of their specific vocabulary. During some partnering work of the repertory the dancers will have the chance to collaborate with their fellow dancers. Ivgi&Greben will guide the dancers as much as they can to understand and execute the material to their best level.

Wojciech Mochniej

Co-founder, Co-Artistic Director W&M PHYSICAL THEATRE

Born and raised in Lublin, Poland, Mochniej has studied with and performed in the work of a number of prominent New York artists including Anna Sokolow, Talley Beatty, Mark Haim, Stephanie Skura and Risa Jaraslow. He has also performed in the work of Alpo Aaltokoski (Finland), Avi Kaiser (Belgium/ Israel), Paula Ross, Davida Monk and Darcy McGehee (Canada), and others. As an improviser he has studied with Ray Chung, Chris Aiken, David Dorfman and Martin Keough. He has performed with Ray Chung both in Poland and in Calgary. Mochniej’s work in theatre includes study with Polish actors, Jan Peszek, Grzegosz Bral, Jacek Ozimek.
He was an original member of Silesian Dance Theatre, Poland, (1991-1994) which is identified as the first professional contemporary dance company in Poland. There, he met Monteros and launched the company (W&M) with her in 1994. Mochniej has been an artist in residence for the Bruckner Conservatory, Austria, and for many festivals in Poland and abroad. He created work for “So You Think You Can Dance” Poland. In Calgary, he was a member of Theatre Junction’s Resident Company of Artists based at The GRAND, and a frequent teacher for Decidedly Jazz Dancework’s company class. He has received awards for his contributions to dance in Poland from the cities of both Gdansk and Lublin. His solo work has been presented in Calgary, at the Full Moon Dance Festival in Finland, at the National Theatre in Warsaw and throughout Poland. “Dance Europe” named his performance of Solo Work, Just Po Prostu “Best Performance by a Male Dancer”. With Monteros, his work has been seen in Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Poland, Germany, and Italy, as well as Canada.
Mochniej is a full-time dance faculty member at the University of Calgary. As Instructor in the Dance Division, Wojciech Mochniej teaches contemporary dance, choreography, dance and the camera, dance improvisation, and dance repertory and performance. A professional dance artist of international repute, Mochniej continues to perform and choreograph in Canada and Europe, an international profile which contributes significantly to his students’ global perspective on contemporary dance. Mr. Mochniej has very high expectations of his students’ commitment to their learning and personal development as dance artists. He believes passionately in challenging students to take risks and inspires students to push beyond their comfort levels. He has been a Guest Artist/Instructor in the department of Dance at the University of Calgary since 1995.


Wojciech Mochniej offers a new look at contemporary dance technique which proposes a path toward organic movement. Developed through the wide lens of his professional experiences, the class focuses on the individual’s exploration of the body in both structured and free flowing movement. The spiraling forces of Gyrokinesis, floorwork, structured improvisation (including principles of contact) and repertoire, lead the dancer to a dynamic experience of the 3-dimensional body in space. In this workshop, he stresses the weight, length and flow of energy lines, the isolation of body parts and the initial impulse to move. He searches for the connection (visual, physical, emotional and kinetic) with the partner and the space. The dancer is required to engage the imagination and the intellect when working the body. Essential to his workshop is immersion in the joy of focussed work and the total commitment of the mover.