Tickets for 3… 2… 1… DANCE! 2019

Tickets for 3… 2… 1… DANCE! 2019

We recommend you to book or buy in advance tickets for the events within the 3… 2… 1… DANCE!

23 March, 5:00 PM, KCC Studio, presentation of the choreographic competition participants’ pieces, feedback with the spectactors and jury

24 March, 5:00 PM, KCC Studio, evening of the winners – re-presentation of the winners’ pieces and official award

24 March, 8:00 PM, NCK Main Stage, „CPH4” – diploma performance of the students of Dance Theatre Department, chor. Jacek Łumiński

combined ticket for 24 March – winners evening and „CPH4”


In the competition on 23 March there will be 11 pieces that were preselected by the organizers:

„I see you”, chor. Anna Karabela

„A sailor’s soul”, chor. Martijn Joling

„After midnight”, chor. Zuzanna Strugacz

„Silverliner”, chor. Artur Bieńkowski

„Po tamtej stronie”, chor. Joanna Nadrowska, Monika Górka

„Sitting”, chor. Anna Akabalı

„Ikar, który skradł słońce”, chor. Sebastian Wiertelak

„PSALM”, chor. Sylwia Bloch-Sternik

„Krystyna in flamenco mood”, chor. Katarzyna Myrda

“an aimless series of words and fragments of thoughts”, chor. Dominika Stróżewska

„We read you”, chor. Olga Bury

On 24 March there will be re-presentation of the laureates and official awards. Additionaly this day later we will see the performance “CPH4” of the Dance Theatre Department students in choreography of Jacek Łumiński

We also remind you about the contemporary dance workshops with Israel Aloni, 22-24 March, more details:

See you at 3…2…1…DANCE!