„Mourners” in Siedlce / Polish Dance Network

„Mourners” in Siedlce / Polish Dance Network

You are very welcome to see the last performance of “Mourners” within the Polish Dance Network in Centrum Kultury i Sztuki w Siedlcach.

March, 17
5 PM
Centrum Kultury i Sztuki w Siedlcach, Poland

Mourners, Around Centre Group
Dance: Monika Świeca, Dominika Wiak, Marta Wołowiec
Idea and choreography: Agata Moląg
Premiere: 13 March 2016

Until the short of breath
Such a life
Such a profession
Sometimes you just don’t want to talk to anyone
Sometimes the pain is too strong
Everything has already happened, you can’t change it
And let live the others
Professionally. For show.
Lamentation. Hysteria. Sob.
That oh!

Do you worry sometimes if “your life means something”? What will you leave behind? And who will weep over you? Do not worry! Such people will be arranged