International Dance Day at the Krakow Choreographic Centre!

International Dance Day at the Krakow Choreographic Centre!

In connection with the International Dance Day on April 29, we would like to invite all lovers and friends of the dance to join a celebration a bit earlier, on Saturday 27th April during the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER! Of course, we cordially invite you to the whole festival, which lasts from Wednesday, but let’s focus on Saturday as the accumulation of the SPACER.

At the beginning we will be testing contemporary dance in practice – at workshops for beginners and those more advanced. We cordially invite you to take part in special classes with Imre Vass, Lee Brummer, Tomek Pomersbach and Paweł Konior.

Later that day, we will meet in front of the Nowa Huta Cultural Center building on the Open Band Practice, which is a joint movement practice improvisation conducted by members of The Yonis: Charlotte Mclean and Monika Szpunar (free admission). We will celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of each participant with a large amount of good fun and positive energy. You do not have to sign up to take part in the OBP, and if you’re a bit embarrassed, you might as well come and just watch it. See you at 7:00 on the square in front of NCK (keep your fingers crossed for the weather).

At 8:00 on the Main Stage we will present iCoDaCo – International Contemporary Dance Collective with the show “it will come later”. We are very happy that on the day when we celebrate the dance festival, we can show you a performance of many artistic values as well as a great production assumption.

The show “it will come later” was created as part of the project 2018-2020 with partners from Sweden, Wales, Hungary, Hong Kong and Poland with the support of local and national organizations and the European Union Creative Europe program. The performance premiered during the BalletOFFFestival, November 22, 2018. But this is not the only reason why this project is important.

Every two years, a new international collective of choreographers and dancers gathers to create a fascinating micro-society (creative community) that functions as a symbolic representation of the macrocosm (the world in which we live). Drawing knowledge and inspiration from the socio-political reality of each country represented by the collective, they create a new production within several residences hosted by the countries represented. The idea of gathering a diverse group of artists who are not similar and facilitating their joint process of creating a new work was born among the ambitions of the directors ilDance, Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni, who wanted to demonstrate that quite different persons can not only co-exist with each other in a neutral way but also to confront your differences and use them for the creative and productive process of creating authentic art that matters. In times when the differences between individuals and societies are the cause of incredible destruction and harm in the world, an artistic project proposing and proving the reality of a completely different reality seems urgently needed.

The idea of the iCoDaCo 2018-2020 project is also in line with the message of Karima Mansour, who is the author of the message for the International Dance Day 2019. We cordially invite you to read the text of an Egyptian dancer, choreographer and pedagogue

In addition to the events that are part of the program of the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, we encourage you to informal meetings of that day in the Nowa Huta Cultural Center. We will prepare a special zone for you with good music at Bistro Marchewka and we hope that you will spend this Saturday with us.

Let’s work together, talk, find common solutions and meet in a diverse group not only on the Dance Day!

On the occasion of the International Dance Day, we are a partner of the first edition of the TańczyMy organized by the Institute of Music and Dance.