Dance workshops as a part of BalletOFFFestival!

Dance workshops as a part of BalletOFFFestival!

Three days of workshops with Bruno Caverna, Karolina Kroczak and Tomek Pomersbach in Krakow (Poland) on 13-15 November 2015! For intermediate and advanced dancers above 16 years of age.

Classes with Bruno Caverna

Becoming Animal
Becoming Animal is a structured contemporary dance class with two intertwined segments: play-fight and floor work. Upon observing animals in the wilderness, I find strikingly fascinating their seemingly display of tremendous physical tenacity and inner clarity, whenever engaged in challenging situations. They seem to not have any concept of themselves and therefore there are seemingly no expressions that are not true and accurate.
As opposed to merely provide a set of new ideas, movements and techniques within a familiar playground, Becoming Animal’s overall aim is to lead participants safely to explore uncharted territories.

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Bruno Caverna

Born in Rio de Janeiro and based in Europe since 2000, Bruno Caverna was born out of fascination by human bodies in motion and its latent potential to be explored and extrapolated. At the age of 10 he began practicing Capoeira, which led him to work at a circus as an acrobat in 1993. The year after Bruno “fell into” contemporary dance, a landmark in his professional development for realising that dancing was the missing link. Over the past 20 years, Bruno has been moving through a thread of uncompromised dedication in the art of integrating his visions and expertise from various dance modalities and distinct disciplines such as Capoeira, Contemporary Dance, Contact-Improvisation, Qi Gong and Russian Systema, into a corporal language of his own. His movement approach has strongly been fostered by the investigation of our primal instinctual spatial perception as well as the science and studies of water flow. Liquid-Body and Play-Fight are his main current lines of investigation. Although different in their expressions and applications both are intimately related as formless art-forms.

Classes with Karolina Kroczak

Contemporary Dance by Tasks

Workshop will focus on improving the technique and choreography phrases by going through the tasks and working with a partner. I am interested in the presence of another person/partner/spectator and his influence on the movement. This way I want to get from the learners the maximum quality of movement, functional motility and the full involvement of the mind-body system. An important tool for me is the imagination that allows to dance “by itself” instead of the usual repetition. Body movement develops independently to find a solution for a particular task. The principle is simple: the starting point for each participant is his own ability, and the aim: its increase. The workshop consists of work on awareness of the body and its parts motion (head, pelvis, arms, legs), fluidity of movement, understanding the principles of its flow dynamics, activating the center and the conscious use of body weight. Also focuses on broadening ranges of motion and strengthen the motion capacities of each participant. Each lesson contains elements of work with a partner, work on technique and motility through combinations, choreographic phrases.

Karolina Kroczak

She deals with contemporary dance and improvisation. She conducts contemporary dance lessons, workshops and also teaches during the instructor courses (such as Egurrola Dance Studio, Akademia Tańca Zawirowania, Pro Art Festival). Through the creative work she continues her explore in the field of anthropology of performance (in 2008 she got the master degree – Anthropology of Culture – Knowledge of Culture, University of Warsaw),  use of the process and task method in the creative work. She realizes her author’s choreographic and directorial projects  (“The Pathfinders”, “Voices”, “Things, things, things…”), she also cooperates with theatre productions (Capitol Theatre, The space of swap actions Arteria) and television (TVN – choreography of “You Can Dance”, Polsat – choreography of “Dancing with the Stars”). In years 2005-2007 she was a participant of the project High School of Performing Art (Silesian Dance Theatre, Bytom). As a dancer, from the year 2006, she is related with Zawirowania Dance Theater (cooperation with Larumbe Danza, Daniel Abreu, Tomas Nepsinsky, Nadar Rosano)

Classes with Tomek Pomersbach

Description of workshops

The main topic of the workshop will be the conscious work with the floor, which provides a natural support for the body. For this purpose we will utilize the image of melting body, pouring and “weakening”.  This practice will allow us to get rid of unnecessary muscle tension and help with joint mobility. Activities will include short term movement in the ground and vertical position and fragments of choreography.

Tomek Pomersbach

Tomek Pomersbach is a dancer and a teacher, but also a choreographer. He is the alumnus of many teachers and choreographers. He has a certificate of London Contemporary Dance School.  In years 2010-2013 he was a dancer of Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań. Since 2014 he is an independent dancer. He regularly cooperates with Pink Mama Theatre, located in Bern, Schwitzerland. During his dance education and professional activity he had the opportunity to come into contact with a number of various dance techniques and some different methods of teaching them. Currently he uses these experiences in his own teaching practice, which he consider as open and constantly changing.  He is an admirer of air in

Krakow Choreographic Centre, Krakow, Poland

13-15 November 2015

Application deadline: 6 November 2015

Costs for participants


advanced group (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

10.00-12.00 am Karolina Kroczak
12.15-2.15 pm Bruno Caverna
3.30-5.30 pm Tomek Pomersbach

middle advanced group (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

10.00-12.00 am Tomek Pomersbach
12:15-1.45 pm Karolina Kroczak
3.30-5.30 pm Bruno Caverna

Contact details
Krakow Choreographic Centre
Al. Jana Pawła II 232
Krakow, Poland