BalletOFFFestival 2016

BalletOFFFestival 2016

BalletOFFFestival is a dance residency festival with the mission to stimulate the creative process. Selected projects receive from Krakow Choreographic Centre promotional and organizational support to realize the performance in the field of broadly understood contemporary dance and dance theatre. Culmination point of Festival will be presentation of created spectacles in the form of the Evening of premieres. BalletOFFFestival is also accompanied by the dance workshops for advanced and intermediate with outstanding dancers and experienced teachers from Poland and abroad. Krakow Choreographic Centre through the Festival creates conditions for creative confrontation of thoughts, for studio work and also offers assistance in realization a spectacle, often with its first premiere and promotion.

18th November, 7.00 p.m. Natura ruchu – Święta geometria, Iwona Olszowska / ID-ance, Barbara Bujakowska, KCC Studio Stage
19th November, 7.00 p.m. withOUT – a ConcerDance for three bodies, egli_items (Switzerland), Main Stage
20th November, 7.00 p.m. evening of premieres for residents of Krakow Choreographic Centre, KCC Studio Stage

accompanying events:

17th – 20th November Masterclass with Chloé Beillevaire
19th – 20th November physical dance and contact improvisation workshops

tickets: 20 zl for each evening
to buy online: CLICK HERE

tel. 12 644 02 66 ext. 55

Krakow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

18th November, 7.00 p.m. Natura ruchu – Święta geometria, Iwona Olszowska / ID-ance, Barbara Bujakowska, KCC Studio Stage

Natura ruchu – Święta geometria, Iwona Olszowska

Nature of movement… Sacred geometry. Spectacle refers to the idea of creation of forms in nature. Inspiration for this performance was the experience of similarities and relations existing between the man and the universe. The language of the movement is created on the basis of vector motion, dynamic flow and spirals. It refers to geometry and Platonic figures, concept of matter, Vitruvian model of man, idea of golden section and so-called sacred geometry or finger prints of God. It combines physical, biological and spiritual elements.

From what perspective we observe reality?
How do we perceive it?
How do we reach for understanding?
Do we feel a part of a greater whole?

choreography, concept: Iwona Olszowska
costume: Iwona Olszowska
composer, creator of music: Marcin Janus
authors of the quotes included in the spectacle: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Johannes Kepler
light directing: Iwona Olszowska, Magdalena Bażela
sound directing: Marcin Janus, Iwona Olszowska
graphics: Zofia Bermejo-Darska
performer: Iwona Olszowska
duration of the spectacle: 30 min.
premiere: 26.09.2014, Barakah Theatre, Krakow

ID-ance, Barbara Bujakowska

Idea, choreography, performance: Barbara Bujakowska
Music: John Cage, Vangelis, Gus Gus, Edith Piaf, Caccini
Sound editing: Anna Szwajgier
Spectacle was realized under the Residency Festival Maat in Lublin
Duration: 45 min.
Premiere: 15th December 2013, Centre for Culture in Lublin

„ID-ance” shows an attempt to present my artistic biography.
I begin my performance from going back in time to the moment when I was taking my first steps as an artistic gymnast.
I was five years old, I was listening to Vangelis music and dreaming of becoming prima ballerina.
Then was the road I’ve been through to get here, to stay now in front of you.
Years of work and sacrifice
Love and hate
Searching for myself, my identity, my individualism
Moments of confusion, doubts and conversion
Artistic madness and spiritual exaltation
That is me”

Barbara Bujakowska is a dancer, choreographer and contemporary dance teacher, acting in Krakow.

She is a graduate of Ballet studies operating at The Krakow Opera, P.F.P  in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and studies in Institute for Dance Art on A. Brückner Universität in Linz.

After she had finished her dance education in Austrian schools, Barbara decided to begin her individual artistic path as a creator of performances based on dance, theatre and videoart. From many years Bujakowska has been cooperating with many artists from Poland and abroad. She is scholarship holder of Art Stations Foundation (Solo Project 2008, Alternatywna Akademia Tańca) and of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

“Barbara Bujakowska is one of the most creative characters of Polish contemporary dance stage. Her works stand out by intellectual context, awareness of form and precision of performance.”

Janusz Marek, CSW Warsaw

 “In her laboratories, abstract projects as well as in performances with the far more “theatrical” character – as Swan_like or Charnocka spectacle – Bujakowska developed her own original style, based on a rare combination of distance, comic sense and analytical attitude to the form.”

Taniec Polska portal

19th November, 7.00 p.m. withOUT – a ConcerDance for three bodies, egli_items (Switzerland), Main Stage

withOut – a ConcerDance for three bodies

As if being a string trio, the performers step on stage with their body-instruments, sit down, arrange scores, wait for silence. Ready: An almost soundless concert starts, a play of bodies following partitions. In the beginning plays the legendary Bacchanale by John Cage – seen, but not heard: withOut! – By playing without musicians, a direct link and visible connection from architecture of music to the dancing body is created, aiming to achieve movement being watched as music is listened to at a concert!

concept and choreography: Philipp Egli
dance: Samuel Delvaux, Philipp Egli, Azusa Nishimura
music dramaturgy: Petra Ronner
sound: Silvio Buchmeier
outside eye: Zoé Kilchenmann
trainee: Christina Bauer
production: egli_items
coproduction: ZÜRICH tanzt
supported by: Kultur Stadt Zürich, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Migros-Kulturprozent, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council
production support: Nicole Friedman, tanztotal
duration: 60 min

20th November, 7.00 p.m. evening of premieres for residents of Krakow Choreographic Centre, KCC Studio Stage

Luggage – Agnieszka Janicka, Katarzyna Myrda / I am Helena – Agata Meyer-Lüters, Agnieszka Bednarz /PERSonaL braNding – Sylwia Bloch-Sternik, Katarzyna Krzysztofek, Sabina Pyka


choreography and performance: Agnieszka Janicka, Katarzyna Myrda
music: Rene Aubry, Marcin Stan
duration: 25′

How do the memories smell when they become your luggage…

I am Helena

direction and idea: Agata Meyer-Lüters
choreography and dance: Agata Meyer-Lüters, Agnieszka Bednarz
duration: 25′

PERSonaL braNding

choreography and performance: Sylwia Bloch-Sternik, Katarzyna Krzysztofek, Sabina Pyka
duration: 25′

Bra fitting is often a very complex task and probably many women find it problematic. Sounds trivial? Fitting the product manufactured on a mass scale to a unique body may be quite challenging. Do you try to adjust to algorithmic schemes, or do you rather try to create your own product or brand? Or perhaps not everything is up to you? Do you decide to buy the latest push up bra? Do you choose a flirty lace bra or a classic bardot bra? Or maybe you prefer a sports bra? Have a look at the world of Brands, Schemes and Affiliations as seen by our characters.