7th edition of 3…2…1…DANCE!

7th edition of 3…2…1…DANCE!

The results of the 3…2…1…DANCE! choreographic competition 2017

After watching 16 presentations on the 4th March 2017 the jury Maria Stokłosa, Matej Matejka, Carlo Massari and Agata Moląg decided to award the following prizes:

Maria Stokłosa awarded:

1st prize in the amount 500 EUR to Zofia Tomczyk for “Te echo de menos. Mano”.

“For having trust in herself. For the practice of movement that starts in a place of “weird sensations”. For her soft presence, which allows for a rare closeness between the performer and the audience.”

2nd prize in the amount of 250 EUR to April Veselko for „What does the body dream”.

“For entering deep into a moving state. Sharp, film-like use of space. Intense body that loses shape, trembles, vibrates and is not afraid of taking risk. For successfully creating a dream-space and dream-time in six minutes.”

Matej Matejka awarded:

1st prize in the amount of 500 EUR to Agata Meyer-Lüters and Agnieszka Bednarz for „I am Helena”.

“For creating complex and original art, for highly developed skills and authentic presence on stage.”

2nd prize in the amount of 250 EUR to Marion Alzieu for „This is not a white woman”.

“For courage and incredible energy. For the purity and precision of movement and the authenticity of expression, which created such moving stage imagery.”

Carlo Massari awarded:

1st prize in the amount of 500 EUR to Omar Karabulut for „Terminal B”.

“An hero, an apnea, a passage between empty and full, an extasy, a combined adult language supported by a young body. An honest body in nudity with its fragilities and purity. A point of non return.”

2nd prize in the amount of 250 EUR to Helena Ganjalyan for „M E L T”.

“An hipnotic work bring us to distant world. A body in constantly research solution to survive itself. A deep dramaturgy supported by a strong body. A metamorphosis, a controversial masterpiece of simple deformity.”

Agata Moląg

as the director of the Krakow Choreographic Centre she awarded the participation in the dance workshops Gaga and Physical Dance Camp (summer 2017) to Agnieszka Janicka for “Lead me”.

“For the peace of mind, harmony of movement and consistency in letting the body speak.”

Audience award

The audience award in the amount of 300 EUR was given to Ioanna Strati for “Sleepstep”.

The 3…2…1…DANCE! choreographic competition is organized by the Krakow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

We would like to invite you to 7th Edition of 3…2…1… DANCE! choreographic competition which will be held on 4-5th of March 2017 in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, KRAKOW.

The event 3…2…1… DANCE! is a choreographic competition which has taken place annually since 2011. The competition includes solo works, duos and trios, basing on widely perceived contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront your own choreographic work with professional jury and the feedback, from both the jury and the audience, which is to educate the latter. The form of the competition constitutes its distinctive feature; according to it every juror, without consulting other members of the jury, awards his/her own two prizes for two chosen presentations. The juror has to determine what values of a particular performance influenced his/her decision and list them on the certificate. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of the few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.

There were 49 pieces submitted for the 7th edition of the choreographic competition  3…2…1…DANCE! including solo, duets and trios from Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Taiwan, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republic, Singapore, France.

After considering all the applications, the Organizers qualify for the competition the following works:

  1. I że cię nie opuszczę aż do śmierci chor. Szymon Dobosik, Piotr Mateusz Wach (duet Poland)
  2. Jestem Helena chor. Agata Meyer-Lüters, Agnieszka Bednarz (duet Poland)
  3. Sam zaszyłeś, sam wypruj chor. Emilia Biskupik, Adam Kuza  (duet Poland)
  4. Tom in high heels chor. Carlos González (duet Spain/Germany)
  5. Step by… chor. Alisa Makarenko (solo Poland/Ukraine)
  6. Sleepstep chor. Ioanna Strati (duet Greece)
  7. 5, 6, 7, and chor. Victoria Herczek, Oscar Mafa (duet Poland)
  8. 20th April chor. Logan Narayanasamy (duet Singapore)
  9. What does the body dream chor. April Veselko (solo Slovenia)
  10. This is not a white woman chor. Marion Alzieu (solo France)
  11. Prisoner of his happiness chor. Diego de la Rosa (solo Spain)
  12. Made in Hand chor. Richter/Meyer/Marx (solo Germany)
  13. Te echo de menos. Mano chor. Zofia Tomczyk (solo Poland)
  14. Terminal B chor. Omar Karabulut (solo Poland)
  15. M E L T chor. Helena Ganjalyan (solo Polska/Armenia)
  16. Lead me chor. Agnieszka Janicka (solo Poland)

The commission has decided to distinguish these proposals, taking the following into accout:

  • composition of the whole piece;
  • the idea;
  • consistency of chosen elements such as music, costume, aesthetic and artistic means;
  • technical level of dancers and their expressiveness;
  • uniqueness of the language;
  • other choreographic values.

the pool of prizes: 2550 euro + Gaga and Physical Dance camp (summer workshops)

JURY: Maria Stokłosa, Matej Matejka, Agata Moląg, Carlo Massari

Every juror, without consulting other members of the jury, awards his/her own two prizes for two chosen presentations. First prize – 500 euro, Second prize – 250 euro. There is also the additional prize ftom the audience – 300 euro.

4th March 5 pm KCC Studio
competition evening (preselected pieces) + feedback

5th March 6 pm KCC Studio
announcement of results, presentations of winners, performance Dziki Bożek by Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska

Tickets for each evening: 25 zł



photo: Jakub Wittchen

Maria Stokłosa studied choreography at School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam and also completed contemporary dance faculty at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place. Her most recent works are: „Złote Demony”, „Wylinka”, „Intercontinental” and „MaMa Perform”. She’s an author of stage movement to the opera by Paweł Mykietyna “Czarodziejska Góra”. For the few years she performed in  spectacles of choreographer Jeremy Wade in Berlin, Brussels, New York and Buenos Aires. She danced in “Moving the Mirror” by Peter Pleyer, „Tuning Scores” by Lisa Nelson, „Project Zero Point” by Sara Shelton Mann. She co-created the collective of music and dance improvisation Melba. She also took part in project “Action is Primary by Meg Foley” in Philadelphia.

Maria Stokłosa was an initiator and administrator of artistic educational projects for dancers and choreographers. Currently she conducts regular choreography classes in Center in Motion in Warsaw and also number of workshops in Poland and abroad. She is a president of Burdąg Foundation, a chairwoman of Programme Council in The Institute of Music and Dance and a curator of cycle of presentations about experimental choreography “Aktywizm tańca. Przestrzenie choreografii” in Nowy Teatr in Warsaw.


photo: Karol Jarek

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia. Studied acting at the State Conservatory in Bratislava, Slovakia, later at JAMU University, Brno, Czech Republic. In 2001–2006, actor  of theatre studio Farm in the Cave, Prague, and co-creator of performances Dark Love Sonnets and SCLAVI / The Song of an Emigrant – multiawarded perfrormance. Since 2005, collaborator of The Grotowski Institute and actor in Teatr ZAR theatre company. He has performed and co-created performances:  Anhelli, The Calling and Caesarean Section. Essays on Suicide.

Matej’s interest oscillate between dance and theatre, between suggestion and  direction, between tradition and innovation.

“I seek to cross boundaries of conventional status quo in the expression of performers from different art forms.”

Over 11 years of research experience at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław, Poland, have led him to develop resourceful tools and models of practice accessible to any person, no matter  the level of their experience.

He developed cycles of workshops of Studio Matejka: Awakening the listening body, Liquid way to action, Dance of Likeness. He lead workshops in Theatres and Universities all around the globe e.g. USA,Venezuela, India, Greece, Great Britain, Canada, France, Spain, or South Korea.



photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz

Agata Moląg graduated Theater Studies at  Jagiellonian University. She also completed Social Ballet School in Krakow with a diploma of Dancer-Choreographer.  Since 2007 till 2015 she was a dancer in  the Krakow Dance Theatre, where she accomplished 14 premieres, including one solo show “Blonde. A Try” and many projects (for ex. “Collective” improvisation with Konrad Szymański and an international group of musicians Atos, “Operation Opera, first Polish-Norwegian jazz cabaret” realized at Krakow Opera and Royal Opera House in Oslo). She co-created and coordinated many artistic events and dance initiatives.

She teaches dance classes for children, adolescents and adults. She works educationally and creates physical space in Zabierzów Mill near Krakow.

Currently she is an art director of Krakow Choreographic Centre in Nowa Huta Cultural Center, where she works conceptually, organizationally, creatively and teaches. She contributes art collective Around Centre Group, set up by the team of Center in 2015 by the premiere of performance “Makia”. Her newest piece “Mourners” had premiered during last edition of 3…2…1…DANCE! in 2016.


photo: Giulia Marangoni

He started his career at the age of 14, working with the company O.T.E. Saracinesche (IT) directed by Pietro Luigi Floridia in the show Il Balcone di Giulietta (Special mention “Premio Scenario 2003”). At the same time he started his collaboration with Compagnia del Teatro dell’Argine (IT) , performing in the shows: Che Diremo Stanotte all’Amico che Dorme (Festival delle Colline Torinesi), Alice 171, Piccoli Cedimenti Strutturali. In 2003 he was directed by Luigi Gozzi in the show L’Attentato, production Teatro delle Moline (IT). The same year he went to the Biennale di Venezia (IT) with a production of Teatro Nove, Teatro della Limonaia (IT), Binario Morto, last work of Barbara Nativi. In 2010 he worked in the musical Grease by Compagnia della Rancia. He started his collaboration with the Teatro Comunale di Bologna for different shows like Beggar’s Opera directed by Lucio Dalla. He started directing his own pieces like Anna Cappelli, Niente più niente al mondo and Kafè show for three performers from 2007. Since 2010 he has been an interpreter in the physical theatre company Balletto Civile, directed by Michela Lucenti. He performed in the pieces: Il sacro della primavera, (second price “Premio Roma Danza 2011”), They shoot horses don’t they? directed by Gigi Dall’Aglio, choreographer Michela Lucenti and Woyzeck from Michela Lucenti. He started collaboration with the italian company Abbondanza e Bertoni in 2014. In 2011 he created the company C&C.


application from: 2nd January 2017
application deadline: 1st February 2017
results: 8th February 2017
presentation time cannot be longer than: 12 minutes for trio, 9 minutes for duo, 6 minutes for solo
application fee: 20 euro SOLO, 40 euro DUO, 60 euro TRIO

the pool of prizes: 2550 euro + Gaga and Physical Dance camp (summer workshops)

  • 3x first prize 500 euro
  • 3x second prize 250 euro
  • 1 x audience prize 300 euro

There is a possibility to get even 4 financial prizes (each juror can award the same presentation + the audience award)



So… Ready… Steady… GO!

photo Katarzyna Machniewicz