6th edition of choreographic competition 3…2…1…DANCE!

6th edition of choreographic competition 3…2…1…DANCE!

3…2…1…DANCE! choreographic competition /edition 2016/ Protocol 

After watching 13 presentations on 12th March 2016, the jurors Karolina Garbacik, Jos Baker, Leszek Bzdyl and Agata Moląg decided to award the following:

Karolina Garbacik:

The award in amount of 300 EUR for Enrico Paglialunga „A step towards…”.

For an interesting idea that was consistently developed, and for lightness and fun.

The award in amount of 250 EUR for Yohana Zeitoun „Pagan Poetry”.

For authentic movement, rooted in the body, harmony and consistency in creating the performance.

Jos Baker:

The award in amount of 300 EUR for Katarzyna Gorczyca and Oskar Malinowski „#DBRMPP”.

An evocative, funny and touching piece. It is clever construction pulls the audience into the characters and through their narrative.

The award in amount of 250 EUR for Yohana Zeitoun  „Pagan Poetry”.

A surprising and interesting idea which shows a lot of potential for further development. The piece allows the audience to create in their heads while balancing present reality and imagination.

Leszek Bzdyl:

The award in amount of 300 EUR for Anna Kamińska and Patryk Durski „5dm3”.

For creating dialogue, the quality of movement and dance.

The award in amount of 250 EUR for Enrico Paglialunga „A step towards…”.

For creating an atmosphere of a dance etude.

Agata Moląg:

Material prize – workshops of contemporary dance during the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, edition 2016 for Katarzyna Gorczyca and Oskar Malinowski „#DBRMPP”.

For the dialogue, a strong stage expression leading the characters through the world of kitsch and the bumpy language of the official text.

Material prize – workshops of contemporary dance during the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, edition 2016 for Anna Kamińska and Patryk Durski „5dm3”.

For power of technique that did not destroy the ease of the performance.

The audience award in the amount of 200 Euro was awarded for Yohan Zeitoun „Pagan Poetry”.

We would like to invite you to 6th Edition of 3…2…1… DANCE! Choreographic Competition which will be held on 12-13th March 2016 in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, KRAKOW.

The event 3…2…1… DANCE! is a choreographic competition which has taken place annually since 2011. The competition includes solo works, duos and trios, basing on widely perceived contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront your own choreographic work with professional jury and the feedback, from both the jury and the audience, which is to educate the latter. The form of the competition constitutes its distinctive feature; according to it every juror, without consulting other members of the jury, awards his/her own two prizes for two chosen presentations. The juror has to determine what values of a particular performance influenced his/her decision and list them on the certificate. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of thew few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.

There were 46 pieces submitted for the 6th edition of the choreographic competition  3…2…1…DANCE! including solo, duets and trios from Poland, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Uganda, Hungary and Austria.

After considering all the applications, the Organizers qualify for the competition the following works:

  1. “#DBRMPP”, chor. Katarzyna Gorczyca and Oskar Malinowski;
  2. “On ice this thin”, chor. Agnieszka Borkowska;
  3. “Homogemonia”, chor. Ewelina Drzał-Fiałkiewicz;
  4. “MAT-X”, chor. Štěpána Mancová and Klára Ešnerová;
  5. “A voice of our common madness”, chor. Jolanda Löllmann – the piece will not be shown during the competition due to organizational issues;
  6. “A step towards…”, chor. Enrico Paglialunga;
  7. “Pagan poetry”, chor. Yohan Zeitoun;
  8. “Talk to me”, chor. Paweł Zaufal;
  9. “5dm3” chor. Anna Kaminska and Patryk Durski;
  10. “Symptoma”, chor. Fabian Fejdasz;
  11. “Syrenada”, chor. Zofia Tomczyk and Krystyna Szydłowska;
  12. “I’m a wife and I’m scorned”, chor. Malcolm Sutherland;
  13. “Inner place”, chor. Dominika Wiak.
  14. Bordóság” chor. Anita Barabás.

March 12th in STUDIO KCC at 5:00 pm takes place the presentation of all creators qualified for the competition, and on March 13th at 6:00 pm we invite you to an evening of winners, combined with the premiere performance of the Around Centre Group “Mourners” choreographed by Agata Molag, director of the Krakow Choreographic Centre.

On 12th March at 5 pm in the Studio KCC will perform all preselected artists. The presentation of wiinners and the premiere of Group Around Centre with choreography of Agata Molag, director of Krakow Choreographic Centre, will take place on 13 March at 6 pm.

the competition’s jury

This year’s jury are: Karolina Garbacik, Leszek Bzdyl and Jos Baker. Each of the judges will award two individual financial rewards. The total prize pool is 1650 euro. Another member of the jury is Agata Molag, who as the director of the Krakow Choreographic Centre will award prizes in the form of workshops at the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, sponsored by the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre. In this edition there will be a new prize available – an audience award.

This year’s expanded edition will also include a four-day intensive dance workshops, which will be conducted by the jury of the competition – Jos Baker (freelancer cooperating with world famous companies such as Peeping Tom and DV8) and Leszek Bzdyl (founder of the Dada von Bzdülöw, actor, dancer, initially bound to the Henryk Tomaszewski Wrocław Mime Theatre).

SATURDAY 12th MARCH 5 pm, ticekts for 12th of March: 15 PLN

SUNDAY 13th MARCH 6 pm, tickets for 13th of March: 25 PLN

phone +48 12 644 02 66 int. 55


submissions deadline: 8th February 2016

presentation time cannot be longer than: 12 minutes for trio, 9 minutes for duo, 6 minutes for solo

application fee: 30 PLN SOLO, 60 PLN DUO, 90 PLN TRIO

the pool of prizes 1650 euro



So… Ready… Steady… GO!

Karolina Garbacik – choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and promoter of dance events. One of the most important figures and dance artists in Białystok. As a dancer she preformed in performances of Project Dance Theatre, including The Rose, Stages of Process (1999), Femina (1999, award at the National Dance Arts Festival in Skierniewice in 1999), Indiscreet Thoughts (2001, award at the National Contemporary Dance Festival in Konin), For that you need… time? (2001, second prize in the National Dance Arts Festival in Skierniewice, first prize in the National Contemporary Dance Festival in Konin in 2002, main prize for the best performance at the Tychy Theatre Festival in 2003), Later (2004).

She took part in many dance projects, including those directed by Leszek Bzdyl. In 2005–2006 she participated in the project “University of Performing Arts” of the Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom which initiated a degree course “Actor of Dance Theatre” at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow in cooperation with the Silesian Dance Theatre.

Director and author of choreographies for the most awarded contemporary dance groups in Białystok – Project Dance Theatre and Grupa Przejściowa. For the latter, she created such choreographies as: Apple not fully riped (2001, Third Price in the National Dance Arts Festival in Skierniewice), The Source (2002), Reality Show (2002, main prize of the National Contemporary Dance Festival OKTW in Konin, 2003), TasteEgo (2007, awarded at the National Contemporary Dance Festival in Konin), Heilotes (2009, special guest of the 10th OKTW Festival in Konin), Identity (2010), Door Closed (2011, special guest of the 11th OKTW Festival in Konin).

Since 2004 Garbacik has been also an instructor and choreographer of a children’s dance group Kolor, which in the recent years is one of the best groups of IDO Polish Championships in hip-hop dance. As a choreographer, she produced 14 dance performances, around 50 short forms (études, hip-hop, jazz and show dance choreographies). She was awarded for her performances and choreographies over 30 times – at various dance and theatre festivals, including Tychy Dance Festival, National Contemporary Dance Festival OKTW, International Children’s Dance and Song Festival in Konin.

Her performances were presented in Poland and abroad, in Prague and Vilnius and other cities. Garbacik is often invited as a lecturer and dance teacher, she is a member of juries of regional and national festivals.

She has lectured Dance, Style and Gesture at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (Branch in Białystok) as well contemporary dance and dance composition on the Professional Instructor Course for modern dance instructors in Białystok. Moreover, she is a teacher of contemporary dance at the Czesław Niemen Dance and Song College in Białystok.

She received a scholarship of the  Mayor of Białystok in 2009 for young artists dealing with art creation, promotion of culture and historic preservation. In 2008 she was awarded Certificate of Open Mind by Gazeta Wyborcza – Białystok, and in 2009 she was granted Art Award of the  Mayor of Białystok for creation and promotion of culture in 2008, as well as Golden Keys 2008, an award of “Kurier Poranny”.

Being an artist, she is also actively involved in promotion of dance in Białystok – in 2001 she initiated “Kaleidoscope” Festival. To date she has been a director (currently – together with Joanna Chitruszko) and main organizer of the festival. Since 2008 – founder and artistic coordinator of Podlachia Dance Association. In 2008–2009 initiator and co-organizer (together with Justyna Lichacy and Joanna Chitruszko) of Hip-Hop Groove Festival; since 2010 initiator and co-organizer of Free Mind Festival (together with Joanna Chitruszko). Founder and owner of DanceOFFnia Studio for Creative Activities and STUDIO A, an alternative dance space.

Agata Moląg – graduated Theater Studies at  Jagiellonian University. She also completed Social Ballet School in Krakow with a diploma of Dancer-Choreographer.  Since 2007 till 2015 she was a dancer in  the Krakow Dance Theatre, where she accomplished 14 premieres, including one solo show “Blonde. A Try” and many projects (for ex. “Collective” improvisation with Konrad Szymański and an international group of musicians Atos, “Operation Opera, first Polish-Norwegian jazz cabaret” realized at Krakow Opera and Royal Opera House in Oslo). She co-created and coordinated many artistic events and dance initiatives.

She teaches dance classes for children, adolescents and adults. She works educationally and creates physical space in Zabierzów Mill near Krakow.

Currently she is an art director of Krakow Choreographic Centre in Nowa Huta Cultural Center, where she works conceptually, organizationally, creatively and teaches. She contributes art collective Around Centre Group, set up by the team of Center in 2015 by the premiere of performance “Makia”.

Leszek Bzdyl – dancer, actor, choreographer, director, and founder and artistic director of Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw. In 1990 he graduated in history from the University of Wrocław. His professional career started in 1987: in 1987–1990 he was an actor of Henryk Tomaszewskiʼs Wrocław Mime Theatre, and in 1990–1992 he worked for Wojciech Misiuroʼs Teatr Ekspresji (performing in College no 24, Idole perwersji, ZUN, Dantończycy, Umarli potrafią tańczyć).

He founded Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw in 1993 together with Katarzyna Chmielewska, to become the theatre’s director, choreographer and leading performer. He has directed over twenty productions of the theatre, among them W cieniu rozkwitających dziewcząt (1994), Zagłada ludu, albo moja wątroba jest sensu (1994), Magnolia (2002),Strategia (2003) and Kilka błyskotliwych spostrzeżeń (a la Gombrowicz), 2004; and co-directed (with Katarzyna Chmielewska) and co-choreographed (Katarzyna Chmielewska and associates) many other pieces. Over almost 20 years of its existence, the ensemble has developed its own characteristic aesthetics, combining theatre, dance and a great potential for self-reference. The theatre’s performances are often inspired by literature (Schwab, Gombrowicz, Vian, etc.), but also by theatre and dance as art forms with changeable performance frameworks and shifting relation with the audience.

The group’s piece Red Grass (2009) was presented at the Polish Dance Platform 2010 and their Factor T (2008) was named the best dance performance in a survey carried out by the website NowyTaniec.pl among dance professionals at the end of 2009. Subsequently, the company produced a collective piece, Le Sacre (2011), which draws on Stravinsky/Nijinsky’s The Rite of Spring; Bzdyl’s collaboration with Chmilewska, Duety niestniejące (2011); and  Zagraj To, czyli 17 tańców o CZYMŚ (2013). Bzdyl performed with Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw at many festivals in Poland and over 20 other European countries, as well as in India, the USA, Israel and Palestine. Currently, the company has its permanent headquarters, where they hold various workshops, classes, educational projects and stage smaller-scale pieces. The headquarters, located in a former municipal library in Gdańsk’s Wrzeszcz district and thus called Biblioteka Tańca [Dance Library], serves as a practice space for artists and educational centre.

In 1994–1995 Leszek Bzdyl co-operated with Wojciech Mochniej and Melissa Monteros’ Gdańsk Dance Theatre, performing in Pamiętania, Na marginesie i Puste pokoje.

He participated in many international projects, including Landscape X (Interkult, Stockholm, 1997), In the body and Papugaj (Baltic Dance University, Gdańsk, 2000), Drop Dead Gorgeous (co-production of the Dada Theatre and UK’s Vincent Dance Theatre, 2001 Kilka Błyskotliwych Spostrzeżeń  − Trans Danse Europe (Avignon, Brussels, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik, 2003/2004), Out of Bounds/ Faktor T (Dance Advance, Philadelphia, USA, 2007/2008) and Co-operation (CDN, Paris, Festival La Batie; Geneva, Opera, 2006).

Since 1994 Bzdyl has co-operated as a director, choreographer, stage movement designer and actor with dramatic theatres across Poland, with Piotr Cieplak being his regular collaborator. His most important dramatic roles are Charlie in Charlie bokserem  directed by P. Cieplak, (Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk, 2010), Kaliban in Burza [The Tempest] directed by Julia Wernio (Summer Stage of Miejski Theatre in Gdynia, 1999), David in Niezidentyfikowane szczątki ludzkie [Unidentified Human Remains], directed by Piotr Kruszczyński (Miejski Theatre in Gdynia, 2000), Clarin in Życie snem [Life is a Dream] by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, directed by Julia Wernio, Miejski Theatre in Gdynia, 2003).

He choreographed over 50 dramatic performances, including Opowiadania dla dzieci (directed by P. Cieplak, The National Theatre in Warsaw, 2007), Albośmy to jacy tacy (directed by P. Cieplak, Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, 2007), Tango and Kosmos (directed by J. Jarocki, The National Theatre in Warsaw, 2009, 2005), Władza (directed by Jan Englert, The National Theatre, 2005), Akropolis. Rekonstrukcje (directed by Michael Marmarinos, Współczesny Theatre in Wrocław, 2009), Taniec Delhi  (directed by I. Viripayev, The National Theatre in Warsaw, 2010),Sen nocy letniej [A Midsummer Night’s Dream] (directed by Bożena Suchocka, Ateneum Theatre in Warsaw, 2012), Nieskończona historia (directed by Piotr Cieplak, Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, 2012). Apart from the above artists Leszek Bzdyl has collaborated with such directors as: Zbigniew Brzoza, Gabriel Getzky, Jarosław Gajewski, Edward Wojtaszek, Paweł Szkotak, Jacek Głomb, Waldemar Śmigasiewicz, Paweł Kamza, Sławomir Batyra and others.

Recently, Bzdyl has directed two drama performances: Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand at the Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica, and Zielone Zoo at OCH Theatre in Warsaw (2010), which he has also written.

In 1997–2000 Bzdyl was the man behind the series of artistic events called Dzień Pięknego Towarzystwa  [A Day of A Beautiful Company] held at the Miejski Theatre in Gdynia. In 2002 he founded, and then coordinated until 2007, the festival Korporacja Tańca in Gdańsk, which was gathering dance artists from Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, and stimulating their collaborations.

Bzdyl is an award-winning artists. Among his achievements he may boast: the Award of the Mayor of Gdańsk (1998), the Award of the Mayor of Gdynia (1999), the Award of the Minister of National Education (1999), the Theatre Award of the Marshal of the Pomerania Province (2006), the International Theatre Award Theatre Pasta (India, 2007), and Decoration for Merit to Polish Culture (2010). He received a number of fellowships and scholarships from the City of Gdańsk and the Office of the Marshall of the Pomerania Province.

Since 1990 he has run theatre workshops and dance classes throughout Poland: at the Ballet School in Gdańsk; Vocal and Drama Studio, Music Theatre in Gdynia; National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw; as well as abroad in such countries as: the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA, and Zimbabwe.

Jos Baker – from 2008 to 2014 Jos worked for Peeping Tom as a dancer, actor and collaborator, principally with the productions 32 Rue Vandenbranden [2009], and A Louer [2011]. Since then he worked for DV8 Physical Theatre on the production of John [2014] then began directing and performing in the promotional events for Petit Bateau‘s Cedric Charliercollection. Other stage work includes In the process of…[2009] by Zoi Dimitriou and Plastic Junkies [2014] by Antonin Comestaz.

On film Jos made a music video for the song Forgot to live [2013] by Ay Wing, the short film J’te Ramene [2014] directed by Yves Housmann and Biegga savkala duoddariid duohken lea soames [2006] by Elle Sofe Henrikseni as well as several commercials.

He has created several of his own works, including: Afla [2008] Creature Man Don’t Tell Me [2008], Feedback [2009], What do you do? [2015] and Of no fixed abode [2015]

He also teaches internationally, offering a range of classes and workshops for professional dancers at intstitutions including SEAD, Ballet Junior de Geneve, PARTS Summer School, TrinityLaban, The Place, Amsterdam Theatre school, Deltebre Dansa, El Danseu Festival, Tripspace Projects, Ravnedans, Jetsummer and many others.

Jos started his dance training at the age of 7 with Oxford Youth Dance and then continued his formal education first at The Laban Center London and then at PARTS [Performing Arts Research and Training Studios] in Brussels.