Tymczasowe nośniki krajobrazu

Tymczasowe nośniki krajobrazu

concept and choreography: Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska

creation and performance: Georgy Puchalski

music: Zofia Tomczyk, Giergij Puchalski

light: Ewa Garniec

production: Krakow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

premiere: August 4, 2022. Krakow Dance Festival

graphic design: Siarhei Dratvitski

residential support: Ochota Theatre

duration: 40 minutes

I am looking. I am looking at a body. I am looking at a body that is there. I am looking at a body that is there for some time. I am looking at a body that is there for some time as a carrier. I am looking at a body that is there for some time as a carrier of landscape. The body enters into a dialogue and uses various ways to try and communicate with the information that it temporarily needs to carry/carry away/carry out/carry on… What is a fact and what – an appeal in this information? What does it say about itself and what is its relationship with the body? How to deal with scraps of information and how to complement it? For the first time in her work, Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska refers to her own archive and hands it over to another creator. The point of departure for TEMPORARY CARRIERS OF LANDSCAPE is the choreographer’s solo work from 2013, I know №Thing. How will a dancer from a different generation interpret this personal and, at the time, identity-related material?