concept and choreography: Karolina Kraczkowska

dramaturgical consultations: Maciej Sado lights: Marek Zielinski

musical consultations: Piotr Przewoźniak

premiere: August 11, 2021 during the first edition of the Krakow Dance Festival

The performance was created as part of a residency at the Krakow Choreographic Centre.

The performance contains nudity scenes and uses strobe lights.

For Jung the archetypal Vessel defines the template of our psychological concept of self and our relationship with the world. Through the simple act of separation the vessel protects what it contains. Without a strong vessel the process of transformation cannot proceed. When the stimulus is too strong the boundaries of our container may become over stressed. We hurry to plug the holes that leak, never acknowledging the regenerative qualities of chaotic darkness. We may collapse and dissociate. But without the ability to let go we do not know what it is to dissolve and reintegrate again. To fall and to be caught. With our vessels being too tight, we have a limited use of our bodies’ ability to integrate anything new. The vessel has a life cycle that must be honored. We need an integrated container that is able to protect what is within as well as to prevent it from escaping. The vessel prompts the question is it now time to break, build, repair or fill the container with new content. Is now the moment for the vessel to hold the most precious material?

photo: Klaudyna Schubert