directed by: Wojtek Klimczyk

choreography: Marta Wołowiec

cast: Marta Wołowiec, Wojtek Klimczyk, Filip Kogut

music: Black Black Rooster (Wojtek Klimczyk & Filip Kogut)

light & projections: Klaudyna Schubert

production: Krakow Choreographic Center – Nowa Huta Cultural Center

premiere: August 6, 2022. Krakow Dance Festival

duration: 90 minutes

Maybe it’s worth going to the seaside? Maybe the sea can help you see the good side of life and soothe your anxiety? These are the questions that the creators of the GUPPY 13 performance ask themselves. The show is a quasi-musical cobbled together somewhat awkwardly, inspired by the story and work of Bas Jan Ader, a Dutch artist seduced by the American Dream. Yvonne Rainer stressed that the mind is a muscle. The heart is one, too, the creators add. GUPPY 13 is an attempt at exploring the athletics of the heart in the context of the element of water subjected to the process of domestication. A voyage of movement and music that the show’s characters set out on is an adventure of sailing between life and death, harbour and storm, earth and heaven. Adventure – as we all know – calls, so keep your ears open. Sail, little brother, sail, little sister. Ahoy!

photo: Klaudyna Schubert