Farm in the Cave – nabór do projektu

Farm in the Cave – nabór do projektu

Krakowskie Centrum Choreograficzne jako partner w projekcie zespołu Farm in the Cave szuka tancerzy-nauczycieli tańca współczesnego chętnych do wzięcia udziału w warsztatach z zespołem. Projekt zapewnia zakwaterowanie, udział w warsztacie oraz wstęp na wybrane spektakle w ramach festiwalu w Pradze. We własnym zakresie uczestnika pozostaje dojazd do i z Pragi oraz wyżywienie. Termin projektu: 9-14 października 2018.

Aplikację w formie CV w języku angielskim należy przesłać na adres do 4 czerwca 2018. Ilość osób mogących wziąć udział w projekcie z ramienia KCC jest mocno ograniczona (1-2 osoby). Opis projektu poniżej:

Over the years, Farm in the Cave, developed specific approach towards the creation of theatre and dance, which is integrated in its movement practice. Studio created its own methodologies for working with human expression and creating choreographies. We would like to share it with dancers, actors, choreographers and teachers from theatre and dance schools. Therefore, we are looking for progressive and open-minded participants that are interested in self-development and will be able to use the gained knowledge in their practice.

We would like to invite 1 or 2 teachers and 1 Phd student (depending on the organisation) from every institute to be part of the project. Workshop is designed for approximately 15 teachers in overall and for up to 8 students. Students will be mainly observers, they will reflect the whole process, but will be active participants in discussion and during visits.

Workshop will be dealing with interdisciplinarity –  how are different artisitic styles and also genres integrated and influencing each other and and how can one topic be reflected in different arts forms. Participants will see the newest performance of Farm in the Cave, which was created thanks to the inclusion of traditional and the company´s approach to the artistic process.

The aim is to share Farm in the Cave´s methodologies of creating an artistic expression, share  some of the methods of other partners, discuss the topic of „What is missing in our educational system of dance and theatre“, empowering the collaboration among various schools and teachers across V4 countries. There will be networking and sharing activities which will enable the participants to establish a relationship with other organisations.

Besides the workshops, participants will have a chance to see some of the show at international festival of contemporary arts 4+4 days in motion ( Participants will visit the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX in Prague, which is an example of an interdisciplinary institution working with different kinds of genres in contemporary art – literature, visual arts, physical theatre.

Dates for the project are 9-14 October 2018

Place: Prague, Centre fo Contemporary Art DOX


1st day: first meeting, show of Farm in the Cave, post performance discussion

2st day: 3h workshop, open lesson in some of the partner´s school- in Duncan Centre or The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague; exhibiton in DOX,; show of 4 + 4 Days in Motion

3th day: 5-6 hours of workshop with Farm in the Cave – sharing the methodologies in a practical way

4th day: 5-6 hours of workshop with Farm in the Cave – sharing the methodologies in a practical way. Attending of another show at festival Tanec Praha

5th day: continuing with workshop, sharing ideas and open discussion about the educational system and how to improve it