Hold on

Hold on


Creators: Marta Wołowiec, Marcin Janus

Dancer: Marta Wołowiec

Music: Marcin Janus

Premiere: 3rd May 2018, Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER




I know

Not these my hands

And yet I think there was

A woman like me once had hands

Like these.


Adelaide Crapsey



Marta Wołowiec – dancer, dance teacher, cultural manager.

From April 2015 she is a dancer and co-founder of the Around Centre Group, an artistic collective operating at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center – Krakow Choreography Center. She performs in the following productions: “Makia”, “Mourners”, “Celsius 38” in the choreography of Agata Moląg and in a project “spectral layers of movement” implemented by the Group together with musician Marcin Janus and multimedia artist Grzegorz Kaliszuk . She also co-creates “COMMOTION”, a series of improvisational activities in Krakow’s public space.

In 2012-2014 she was a dancer of the Krakow Dance Theater and took part in following spectacles:”‘Polyamory”, “Takarazuka CAMP”, “Net”, “Ruch Gallery” (choreographed by Eryk Makohon) and “In Between” (choreography of Aleksander Kopański). She also took part in street performances, held by the theater (“The Wedding of the Green Geese” as part of the Night of Poetry, “Takarazuka CAMP” among others as part of the Street Theaters Festival in Krakow). In 2014, she took part in a Polish-Norwegian project with dancer Ole Martin Meland (Carte Blanche). The work was presented in Krakow and Bergen (Norway). As part of one of the projects, she also collaborated with the Krakow improvisation group AD HOC, specializing in cabaret improvisation.

She participated in national and international dance workshops such as: Gaga Intensive in Tel Aviv, ImpulsTanz in Vienna, Circulation, National Contemporary Dance Workshops in Połczyn, Gaga and Physical Dance Camp, workshops during the Contemporary Dance  Festival SPACER and BalletOFFFestival. During the workshops she also got acquainted with the repertoire of world-famous companies: Batsheva Dance Company, Ultima Vez, and Rosas.

As a dance teacher, for several years she has been working with groups operating at the Krakow Choreography Center: PRO Laboratory, METAphysical Laboratory and Cardio Contemporary. In 2015 and 2016, she participated in the ERASMUS program, preparing a street performance together with the German artist Lisa Wilfert for young people from Greece, Germany and Poland.

An important part of her work is also organizational activity. From 2014, he co-creates the Krakow Choreography Center, realizing events such as: Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, BalletOFFFestival, choreographic competition 3…2…1…DANCE!, as well as numerous workshops and dance camps, she is also responsible for the promotion of the Center.



Marcin Janus – sound and multimedia artist and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music based in Krakow. For many years he has been involved with original artistic projects. He is the composer and often performer of music for numerous dance and theatre performances. Working at the intersection of various art forms, he builds complex sound environments.

When creating his projects, he aims to bring about immersive performances, imbuing the world and thought with unique sound phenomena and providing a wide range of sense impressions. In his creative process he concentrates on the timbral properties of sound, examining its basic characteristics and often seeking its reflection in movement and images, and gives new meaning to these phenomena by arranging them in musical space. He works in digital media, most often using Ableton Live and Metasynth as well as midi controllers, which provide unique musical possibilities that result in the wide sound palette of his music. In his technology-based work, one can hear the juxtaposition of recordings and organic sounds with synthesized hues of an often dynamic quality. He started out as a musician in experimental groups, and after several years began working as an independent composer.

He was the recipient of an Art Stations Foundation grant within the Solo Project program, and a finalist in the composer competition held as part of the John Cage Year in Lublin 2012. He has also gained experience as a course participant and recently as part of the GrupLab Studio of Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Music in Krakow, where he has taken part in numerous artistic projects. In addition to regular appearances in Poland, he has also performed in London, Lisbon, Turin and Frankfurt.