Contemporary dance workshops during the Festival SPACER

3-6 May 2018 Nowa Huta Cultural Centre – Krakow Choreographic Centre, al. Jana Pawła II 232, Krakow, Poland
Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER

Level: intermediate and advanced

We encourage all of the intermediate and advanced dancers and movers to take part in the workshops organized within the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER! Program: contemporary dance – technique and choreography, mix movement (contemporary with break elements), martial arts in contact improvisation and Flying Low and improvisation.

Teachers: Małgorzata Haduch, Tomek Pomersbach, Marso Riviere, Michał Ratajski

Price for 4 days: 100 euro

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Małgorzata Haduch

Dancer and choreographer. Born in Kraków, Poland, she graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2004) and is an active member of the Dutch and Polish free jazz scene, having collaborated in the last decade with Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode, Andy Moor, Marcin Masecki, Paulina Owczarek, Ksawery Wójciński, Arnold de Boer, Colin McLean, Onno Govaert and John Dikeman.

Haduch is the author of many dance spectacles (among others Whisper in my Eye produced in Mexico and Zona Segura), that have been performed in Poland and abroad. Since 2012 Małgorzata runs her authorial programs dedicated to search in the improvisation in the field of music and dance: Free The Dance and Movie Thursdays about the Improvisation. For over 10 years she collaborates with the choreographer David Zambrano, among others within the spectacle Soul Project PL, and many projects: 50 Days Costa Rica, Passing Through Only Sicily, with Katie Duck, Gabreila Majorino and directors Dominika Knapik, Dariusz Starczewski, Marcelo Evelin in Brazil and Martin Inthamoussu in Uruguay. Since 2013 she co-creates the Dutch company Help Me To Crash. Haduch has been twice the stipendist of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and she was also several times the beneficiary of Adam Mickiewicz Institute program Polish Culture Around the World. Małgorzata teaches the technique Flying Low, composition and improvisation.

photo: Jakub Wittchen

Classes with Małgorzata Haduch / Practice of Flying Low and Improvisation

The workshops of Małgorzata Haduch from the Flying Low & Improvisation technique focus on dance training according to the method of the outstanding artist David Zambrano and the author’s methods developed by the artist. Flying Low is a technique from the floor work category, which uses the form of a spiral and the strength of the feet to effectively enter and exit the floor, integrates the voice to lead the body. Active transmission and self-transmission is the basis of this movement. The lesson is characterized by a large dose of elementsrequiring focus, taking the risk in thinking about movement and exchanging all judgments about the art of dance for the art of conscious choice.

In the part of Improvisation, Małgorzata Haduch will share her many years of practice of spontaneous composition shaped by such masters as David Zambrano, Katie Duck and a fascinating free jazz scene. We will explore full expression, in silence and with music, and the forefront will be transformation of the movement in improvisation through the lapse of 1 minute, 2, 3 … 60. Both parts of the course complement and permeate to achieve a comprehensive dance training and get to know different methods of improvisation, as a stage language full of expression. No prior knowledge of the Flying Low technique is required, but it is important to open up to the process of getting to know the new movement system and the desire to broaden one’s own possibilities of movement expression.



Marso Riviere

Born in France, Mickael Marso Riviere is an award winning choreographer. In the last 17 years he has established himself as a major force in both the contemporary dance, and Breakin’ (Breakdance) worlds, producing events and touring original works in the UK and abroad.

Founder of Company Decalage, Bboy’s Attic and Marso Riviere IMG Photography, He’s an active member of leading Breakin’ Crews MDK and TBB75 UK, judging and competing internationally.

Recent productions include Matches with Guy Nader and Hokiri for Carlos Acosta’s Company “Acosta Danza” which premiered in Havana (Dec 2016). For Birmingham Hippodrome he produced B-Side Hip Hop Festival and Experimental dance concept event KRE8! (2016-2018). He co-directed and featured in the Hippodrome Creative’s Dance on Screen commission X-Ray The Unknown Quantity by Hugh Turvey. Marso also appeared in Vogue’s 100 years’ Edition for Hussein Chalayan’s Gravity Fatigue choreographed by Damien Jalet. He was shortlisted (as choreographer) for the Kevin Spacey’s artist of choice award in 2016 and guest lecturers for leading institutions such as Rambert School and The Place in London.

photo: Vladimir Gruev

Classes with Marso Riviere – mix  movement (contemporary with break elements)

Marso is known for his unique style of breakin’ and contemporary dance and deliver performance, education, and residency work across the dance sector both in the UK and abroad. Based on an experimental and physiological approach to movement, his signature style of work often evolves and is inspired from Martial arts, Breakin’, Popping, Contemporary Release, Spirals, Yoga and various movement concepts…. The class is aimed to develop all advanced and middle advanced dancers, from those in professional training through to Bboys and Bgirls/streetdancers wanting to develop their range of movement or simply wanting to take part in a fun and physical dance class. So we will work on getting in and out of the floor, spirals and weight distribution, inversions and répertoire work.


Michał Ratajski 

Performer, teacher, dancer, choreographer, mover. Passionate about video dance, martial arts and contact improvisation. A qualified contemporary dance instructor, scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań. Participant of international teacher exchange contact improvisation – ECITE and performers – 100 Dancers.

Founder of the KIJO Dance Theater. The perpetrator and co-creator of the theater / physical theater performances [among others: Miokloniis, Do, Wszystko to, z czym się (nie) urodziliśmy, Do Witolda, Spokojnie…inni mają gorzej, KISZ, Dyptyk na 3 duety, Oratorium Ziemi].Together with KIJO, Michał is the organizer of the FRU Festival – P.F.K.I. He is also the co-creator of the Contact Improvisation Academy – AKI. He learns the most by sharing knowledge with others. Ratajski is a lecturer at the Teatral-Actors Study-STA in Poznań, winner of several awards. He is associated with Łódź on a daily basis. Michał works, among others with the Pinokio Theater and the CHOREA Theater.

And just like that: a few years ago, he quit his job in a corporation and redirected energy to the dance theater, so that he could know when he was getting up “in the morning” that he was doing what he was living for.

Freshly baked fascinator of every moment. Breathing. Living. Being.

Every human being builds his own language of movement from the moment of birth. When he finds contact improvisation, he gives it his own unique character.

photo: Piotr Osak

Classes with Michał Ratajski – Martial Arts in Contact Improvisation

Contact improvisation is a dance technique in which, among many factors, the pressure is put on the flow of energy, softness and flexibility, the ability to react, make quick decisions, and how to safely cope in risky situations. All these aspects, as well as many, many others are also common to martial arts training.

I invite you to a workshop summarizing my over 20 years of martial arts and contact improvisation experience. During the workshop, we will use the knowledge of training systems: kung fu – for the needs of working with the center and impulse flow, capoeira – to look at partners’ relationships and space in dance, ju-jitsu – to look at physical contact from another side, aikido – for safety of flights up and down and the use of energy that is constant. This workshop is a translation of martial arts ideas and training systems into a contact improvisation platform. I invite everyone willing with a minimum basic experience in the movement.


Tomek Pomersbach

Born in Wrocław, a graduate of the ballet studio of the Operetka Dolnośląska. He dances, teaches, choreographs. He studied contemporary dance at the London Contemporary Dance School, earning in 2010 certificate of higher education at the University of Kent. In 2010-2013, he was a dancer at the Polish Dance Theater in Poznań, where he performed in spectacles of Ewa Wycichowska, Andrzej Adamczak, Ohad Naharin and Jo Stromgren. From 2013, he has been working as an independent artist and cooperates with others (Rosalind Crisp, Sjoerd Vreugdenhil, Loredana Parella, Maciej Kuźmiński), as well as creates his own work (solo performances QUAERERE and Camouflage, both created in collaboration with the dramatist Anita Szurek). Tomek is permanently associated with the Pink Mama Theater, based in Bern, Switzerland, with whom he has produced 4 productions so far (Psittacus Erithacus, Dynasty, Olimpiada, Jungle). Currently, he conducts regular classes of contemporary dance in a dance studio operating at the Operetka Dolnośląska in Wrocław. He regards his pedagogical practice as open and ever-changing.

photo: Monika Chmielarz

Classes with Tomek Pomersbach – contemporary dance: technique and choreography

During the dance technique part, the workshop will focus on strengthening the awareness of living, dynamic connections between the body center and the limbs. For this purpose, we will work on the grounding of the body, the sense of pelvic heaviness and fluidity of the spine movements, while looking for a balance between relaxation and activity. In addition to working on the technique of dance, as part of the workshop, we will learn fragments of Tomek’s choreography, which will give us the opportunity to play with the dynamics of movement, rhythm and the combination of dance and music.