Repeat after me

3rd May 2016, main stage of NCK

6.30 pm evening of the small stage forms (winners of the choreographic competitions from: Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Budapest, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Jerusalem)

“Repeat after me”

Go to work. Get married. Have some kids. Pay your taxes. Watch TV. Follow fashion. Act normal. Obey the law and repeat after me: I AM FREE. _________________________________________________________________________

This anti-capitalist manifesto along with the Guy Fawke’s mask has been adopted by various social movements across the globe. But those who did use the mask usually failed in their demands. ‘Repeat after me’ explores the dynamic relationship between an individual and the system, between acceptance and refusal. _________________________________________________________________________

double Jury Prize at the 3…2…1…Dance! ’14 contest in Cracow || 3rd place at the Warsaw Dance Platform’s competition ’14 in Warsaw || finalist at the SzólóDuo ’14 contest in Budapest || official selection for the Solo Dance Contest ’14 in Gdańsk _________________________________________________________________________


performance choreography

Maciej Kuźmiński


12 min


Centre for Contemporary art in Warsaw, Burdąg foundation, Zduńska Wola Culture House


wieczór małych form,KMachniewicz_20140222_KCC_2014_321Taniec_MKuzminski_MG_1769_900x600_q100

photo K. Machniewicz