Out Cry

30th April 2016, main stage of NCK

7 pm „Out Cry” Students of the 4th year at the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom of the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Krakow, chor. Edan Gorlicki / Bytom, Krakow, Israel

duration: 1:10 min

tickets: 20 zł

group ticket (from 10 people): 15 zł

‘Out Cry’ is not a declaration of perspectives. It is not a statement or a lesson. It is neither fiction nor non-fiction. It is not about you or me and not about discovering who we are. It is not about relationships so there will be no duets. There are no gender connotations and no sexual contents. It is not attempting to be something new and definitely not attempting to be intellectual bla bla bla. It is not conceptual research about time and space. It is not entertaining nor metaphysical nor philosophical. Its not about looking for the answers and not about asking more questions. It might not be fun either and you will not vote for the best dancer. But ‘Out Cry’ exists in our bodies and it is a home for our little protest. We know its not going to change the world but perhaps it might help us feel something.

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