Krakow Choreographic Centre

Krakow Choreographic Centre is the vision.

Centre is the unique and pioneering place – the first on such a scale in Poland modeled on Western Centres. It is an attempt requiring adaptation to Polish reality in which dance has still had a difficult and quite disadvantaged position.

Krakow Choreographic Centre was created in 2014 as an initiative of Eryk Makohon and Krakow Dance Theatre. The Centre was founded as an independent department working within Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.

Since March 2015 with the transition under new management, the Centre has started new approach towards its aims which means: more dialogue with other groups, provocation of meetings, exchange of experiences between artists from different aesthetics of dance and theatrical expression, looking for links and contacts for Polish creativity, not yet sufficiently entered into the European and international network.

This is the time for Centre as a place that wants to become innovative and fresh, and the asset is trying to look at unusual connections and custom methods.

It is also a time for stimulation of dance education in Poland, for advanced training and professional dancers. Time for zoom into the art of dance including the youngest, students who will become professional dancers, or sit in the audience already as a fully conscious, open-minded and equipped with the appropriate tools to “read” the performances in the future.

The Centre works independently in the structure of the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, based on the involvement of four young, educated people, managers, entertainers, theoreticians and practitioners who are responsible both for the administrative and creative activities.

We work as dancers, educators, animators and impresarios.

We create a programme of action and vision of the place.

Our actions are addressed to the dance community, amateurs, professionals and artists of other disciplines of art; the theoreticians and critics, as well as a wide audience, covering all age groups.


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Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (NCK) is present on the cultural map of Krakow since 1983. Its program offer is directed to the residents of Krakow, representing every age group – from preschoolers to seniors. Simultaneously – by fulfilling its mission – the Centre has set itself the aim to prepare and engage the community to active receiving the culture in the broad sense of the word, also through co-creation its value.

Under activity of the Centre operates, among others: Nowa Huta Song and Dance Ensemble, Highland Folk Group Hamernik, Krakow Choreographic Centre, as well as over a dozen other groups, representing a wide range of dance and artistic activities.

NCK owns one of the largest theater scenes in Krakow, where we can host the greatest and most famous theater, music, dance, ballet and cabaret spectacles in Poland and in the world. The shows are dedicated to every age group and present various forms of artistic expression.

NCK also organizes regular festival events, which have appeared for good in the calendar of cultural events in Krakow. Festivals are constantly very popular among the audience of: Children’s Theatre Festival, BalletOFFFestival, Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, Navigator Festival, “Kolorowe Nutki” Children Song Festival and Nowa Huta Art Festival.

The institution also conducts extensive exhibition activities in three galleries, located in the building of NCK, where they present the work of outstanding Polish artists. The exposition regularly changes, what allows to experience an art in its wondrous multidimensionality of forms and multicoloristic artistic convention.

Thanks to the local capabilities (dance and ballet studios, conference rooms, theater hall with the audience for six hundred spectators, intimate hall, thematic labs etc.) the Centre is also a host of outside events (national and international) such as: symposiums, congresses, trade fairs and collector exhibitions.

Each year Nowa Huta Cultural Centre is visited by more than half a million people!