1st May 2016, main stage NCK

8.00 p.m. “The Moths”, Physical Laboratory, collective choreography/ Łodz

Duration: 50 min.

Collective: Grala Paweł, Jaworska Joanna, Łaba Ola, Łaba Wojciech

Music: LA3A

Costumes: Agnieszka Zwartko

Poster: Żaneta Górska

Duration: 50 min.
THE MOTHS is the spectacle about the game, which fluently diffuses and mixes with reality. It’s a frolic, a joke, a glimmer, which can be madness and loss of control. What happens when we reject all of the rules, when everything may happen? Who are we, when we are not ourselves? Are we able to risk only for the pleasure of playing?, to feel the thrill? The game we play is a prank, a deception, destruction for a pleasure. The game, which is able to destroy itself. But the loss of life balance is the only way to change and develop.

Watch the video:

plakat Ćmy projekt Żaneta Górska