KCC Dance Intensive

KCC Dance Intensive

This is a one week long international dance workshops organised by Krakow Choreographic Centre from 2014 in the centre’s venue and also off-site. The camp is addressed to advanced and middle advanced dancers. In 2014-2017 the workshops were held as Gaga and Physical Dance Camp. In 2018 due to the extension of the workshop forms with additional techniques, the event changed its name to KCC Dance Intensive.

Edition 2018 SUMMER – teachers: Gosia Mielech, Patricia Hastewell, Yi-Chun Liu


Edition 2017 SUMMER – teachers: Noa Paran, Roser López Espinosa

Edition 2017 WINTER – teachers: Milan Herich, Natalia Iwaniec

Edition 2016 SUMMER – teachers: Iyar Elezra, Thomas Steyaert

Edition 2014 SUMMER – teachers: Idan Porges, Manuel Ronda



Summer edition 2017: