Festival SPACER

Festival SPACER

SPACER is a cyclical festival which have taken place annually during every long weekend in May since 2012. It is an extraordinary and unique, concentrated on dancing, which moves beyond the stage and reaches non-theatrical places, emphasizing their everyday peculiarity by means of movement.

The festival presents different forms of contemporary dance, with particular focus on contemporary theater dance forms, broadened by improvisational forms. It is directed to enthusiasts, theoreticians and practitioners of dance as well as to the wider audience. It constitutes an excellent way to spend your long weekend, simultaneously diversifying the city’s cultural offer, for both tourists and city dwellers. The universal dance forms comprise an important point in the tourist offer for foreign-language guests.

The name of the festival directly refers to its basic tenet and the formula, it has adopted. It opens its space for artistic and theoretical spheres of dance. It encompasses presentations of spectacles and movies, lectures and readings, while also being a space for exchanging experience of the dance art creators. SPACER is a walk through different kinds of contemporary dance, theater dance, improvisations and conceptual proposals included. Last but not least, it is a walk, whose paths will not only go through theaters and cultural institutions, but will also reach local spaces,  seemingly non-theatrical, yet being a place where dance can also exist. The festival opens for new forms of “serving” the dance, enjoys permeating and combing it with urban reality.

CIAŁOWANIE dance workshops and a variety of artistic dance events take place within the festival. SPACER fulfills an integrational role for all-Polish dance environment, inviting  people at different levels of dance proficiency and creators – both acknowledged choreographers and young, talented artists, who begin their choreographic journey.

For more info: www.festiwalspacer.pl