We encourage all of the advanced and middle advanced dancers to take part in the workshops organized within the BalletOFFFestival!

22-25 November Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

Teachers: Israel Aloni, Gwyn Emberton, Brian Michales and iCoDaCo artists: Weronika Pelczyńska, Lee Brummer, Eddie Ladd, Imre Vass, Mui Cheuk Yin and Joseph Lee.




9:15-11:15 Israel Aloni
11:30-13:30 Gwyn Emberton
15:00-17:00 Brian Michaels


9:15-11:15 Lee Brummer
11:30-13:30 Mui Cheuk Yin
15:00-17:00 Imre Vass


9:15-11:15 Joseph Lee
11:30-13:30 Weronika Pelczyńska
15:00-17:00 Eddie Ladd



two days (Thursday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday): 90 euro
four days: 140 euro


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photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz



Aloni is a maker, performer, mentor and entrepreneur with great interest in the social-political context of art and its making. Aloni is the Artistic Director of ilDance, an independent and international company based in Gothenburg, Sweden which they established together with Lee Brummer in 2012. Aloni has also been director of other artistic and cultural entities such as Tr.IPP at Transit Dance in Melbourne.

Aloni’s journey as a professional dancer included creation processes and performances of works by choreographers such as Sasha Waltz, Club Guy & Roni, Sharon Eyal, Wim Vandekeybus, Mats Ek and Marco Goecke to name a few.

Alongside their artistic practice and entrepreneurial initiatives, Aloni continuously develops a movement method that is influenced by their fascination with the infinite creativity of the mind and the quest to physically convey and communicate the intricacy of the human imagination and fantasy. Accompanied by deep research, Aloni’s approaches the physical body with great desire and demand, whilst staying away from constrains or strain. Their method is called The I.Aloni Experience and it encapsulates Aloni’s extensive experience with contemporary dance and their fascination with additional fields of knowledge such as biology, physics, anthropology, sociology and psychology.



Introduction to Aloni’s movement practice which pulls on the vast capacity of the mind to create and explore in a dream state or across the border between reality and fantasy. Following the creativity of the mind to feel liberated in our bodies whilst respecting and honoring the physical self.

The workshop will offer opportunities to discover alternative ways to approach the physical body and minimise the level of effort and strain while following the multidimensionality of the creative mind.

The sensory and tactile attributes of Aloni’s movement approach, feed back to the reward and satisfaction of the dancing individual.

Aloni is developing their own approach to movement through the ongoing research under the headline The I.Aloni Experience.






Gwyn Emberton is a dancer and choreographer from Wales and artistic director of Gwyn Emberton Dance, one of Wales’ leading dance theatre companies. Gwyn’s work has been performed across the UK, Europe and the Middle East and has won several awards such as Wales Theatre Award for his work Triptych.

Gwyn is also one third of award winning collective Light, Ladd & Emberton, co-directing and performing in the Owain Glyndwr Silent Disco and the highly acclaimed Caitlin with Eddie Ladd.

As a dancer, Gwyn performed with many of the UK’s leading choreographers and companies such as Akram Khan, Matthew Bourne, Jasmin Vardimon, and Scottish Dance Theatre. Gwyn has also worked with Inbal Pinto in Israel.



Gwyn’s class is technically challenging, grounded in floor work, illogical combinations and led-improvisation. Material will be based on Gwyn’s own unique movement style, a conflation of the physical and performative influences of the choreographers he has worked with and his own qualities, that are focused on fluid patterns circling around the body.

In the workshops, dancers will explore Gwyn’s method of transferring experiential knowledge gained through explored improvisation devices that develop new skills and approaches to performing set choreographic and structured/formal movement patterns. This will be achieved through the use of imagery and by exploring physical and emotional sensations which dictate the quality of a dancing body. In the class, dancers will also research how movement can impact and influence performance presence.

The workshop is suitable for dancers looking to expand and develop their range of physical and physical theatre performative qualities.




Brian Michaels is a British theatre and opera director. He grew up in Kingsbury, London but has been living and working in Germany since 1973. Up until today, Brian Michaels has directed more than 40 operas nationally and internationally for both festivals and opera houses – amongst others in Basle, Nuremberg (with Christian Thielemann), Essen, Eisenach, Ulm, Darmstadt, Amsterdam, Los Angeles.

Brian Michaels has directed performances for the theatre in Essen, Basle, Munich, Hamburg (with Giora Feidman), Wuppertal, Dusseldorf, Halle, Kiel, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Timișoara (Romania), New York and Los Angeles. His work has been shown regularly at both national and international festivals, including the Ruhrfestival Recklinghausen, Il Cantiere di Montepulciano (Italy), Steirischer Herbst Festival Graz (Austria), and the International Shakespeare Festival in Neuss (Germany).

One of his recent works is the production of Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata” for the programme of the European Cultural Capital Paphos 2017. The performance was staged in a unique location, amidst the ruins of the Ancient City of Paphos.

The plays of William Shakespeare have been the focal point of Brian Michaels’ artistic work for almost two decades. The first of his 25 productions began with “Macbeth” at the Cantiere di Montepulciano in 1989, and continues up until today with “The Taming of the Shrew” in Bytom, Poland in 2017. Among the devised theatre and performance pieces that Brian Michaels has created, “Osiris – Talking to the Dead” is of particular interest. The Ancient Egyptian texts are 3,500 years old. The project was the result of a close cooperation with the internationally renowned Egyptologist Jan Assmann, who translated the texts (Insel, 2008). The piece was shown at the Munich Biennale (2008), and in its final form in the Essen Zollverein (2009). In the play “Mixed Feelings” (2015), the focus is a fictional dialogue between a Palestinian actor, Nisreen Faour, and a European Jewish director. Michaels, both devised and acted in the piece, which has been shown in a number of German cities over the past two years.

Brian Michaels was Professor for Acting and Directing at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen from 1994 until 2013. He initiated a number of international cooperation projects amongst others with the Theatre Academy in Shanghai, the Crowne Troupe of Africa Lagos Nigeria, SP Escola de Teatro Sao Paolo, Brasil and the WTT PWST Bytom/Krakow, Poland.

Since the end of 2013, he has been Guest Professor for Acting and Directing at the Academy for Dance Theatre – WTT PWST Bytom/Krakow. Here he has found the opportunity to develop his own body based approach to acting – “Thinking with the body”, which he originally conceived with the dancer Nadia Kevan.



Thinking with the body

An exploration of body awareness and intelligence

The aim of the workshop is to understand and utilise the potential of non-verbal experience. When approaching theatre and character, we normally give precedence to intellectual investigation, ignoring the non-verbal dimension of experience. The fact is that “ We learn cumulatively by being in our bodies in the world….The mind develops through the body’s experience in the world.” (Paul Stoller)

The workshop will be based on three connectivities – connection to the earth  through the walking man/woman;  connection to the body and its inner potential; connection to the space and others in space. Getting into contact with the non-verbal realities of being, allows character and content to be understood in a new way – from the inside outwards, and liberates from the dependency on psychological and intellectual processes. With this goal in mind, we have developed a specific approach which enables this to happen.

Awareness and consciousness of what our bodies are in the world is essential to this work. Each participant should choose a character which he or she wishes to explore- whether from a novel or a play, or other forms of literature. The aim is to develop a very personal and specific idea of character, which emanates from the experience and intelligence of the body. At the end of the workshop, there will be a short presentation (5 minutes).

The work is physically demanding, so please be prepared.




Lee Brummer is an independent choreographer, international guest teacher and educator as well as the Co-Founder and Associate Director of Gothenburg based dance company, ilDance. (

As a performer she danced with the Bat Dor Dance Company (Israel), The Emanuel Gat Dance Company (Israel) and with various independent choreographers across Europe. She has worked as choreographer’s assistant in a variety of dance productions and musicals in Sweden and abroad.

Brummer completed her BA-Dance and teaching degree at The Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and has studied psychology, theatre and pilates alongside her career as a dancer and choreographer.

Over the years Brummer has been teaching and working with companies such as: DV8, Australian Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, National Dance Company Wales and Norrdans to name a few. Additionally she has been guest teaching open professional classes and at universities and schools worldwide and workings as a mentor for young and emerging artists.

Brummer has been choreographing her own work within different structures since 2010.

Today her teaching practise is composed of anatomical and physical exploration which is dedicated to discovering ones individuality, originality and capacity within their own body. In her choreographic practise, text and spoken word have become extremely influential both within the process and in the final version of the work on stage.

Additionally, Brummer has worked as a producer, project manager and facilitator of various artistic projects and events within Sweden and internationally.



Lee’s workshops aspire to develop body awareness and conciousness of the endless physical possibilities of each individual, whilst also connecting to different sources of inspiration and using a various levels of layering and challanges.

We warm up by sensing the body through shifts of weight and referring to movement of the skeleton and different layers of the body in movement sequences. Throughout the workshop we will touch on improvisation and set material and we will explore ways in which to utilise each of our individual capabilities and enable expression in a direct and physical way.



Eddie is a maker and performer. Her work features dance, bilingual (Welsh/English) text, music and new media technologies and some of it is site-specific. She was born and brought up in Wales, graduated from Aberystwyth University and has worked with many Welsh companies, Moving Being and Brith Gof amongst them. She started making her own work in 1993, which has been featured in platforms including Spring Loaded and the British Dance Edition and under the aegis of the British Council has toured to Europe, Canada and America. She was the recipient of a NESTA fellowship in 2003 which opened up a period of work made for the web, a field she would like return to in the near future. With her colleagues she established Light, Ladd & Emberton, a performance company which has (unexpectedly!) made and toured three full-length productions since 2014.



A psycho-geographical physical workshop.

Psycho-geography is a way of describing the environment in terms of its meaning to us. It can deal with a whole range of political, religious, work, social and private spaces.

The workshop will take place indoors and out and participants will build and follow a choreographed journey. This will be varied and could feature dance sequences, functional and found movement, sound production, text and drawing. Bring your favourite music and a way of playing it.




Imre Vass is a Budapest based performer, choreographer. He worked with Hungarian companies such as HODWORKS, The Symptoms, Artus, STEREO Akt, Márta Ladjánszki, Theatre JEL and Ultima Vez [BE], United Sorry [A\NL], Rapid Eye [DK] and Ingri Fiksdal [NO] outside of Hungary.

He is a danceWEBber [2010] and participated SPAZIO – Europian network for dance creation [2012-2013].

Since 2010 he is making his own works. His major interest is the dialogue between the body and mind, and the correlation of the performer, the performance and the audience.



waiting for dance

Dance is an entity in it’s own right. Dance is caprocious and unpredictable or we can also say she is a bitch. But whenever she appears we can’t take our eyes off her and we want her to be present so badly.

In the workshop we invite dance and we will do everthing to attract dance to show up. We will use improvisation and known excerscises to exorcise rigidness from our bodies and minds. We prepare our channels for dance to flow free within it. We know, even if we do our best, there is no guarantee dance pays a visit. Either dance visits us or not we will be thankful just for the sake of her existence.




By profession dancer and choreographer. A graduate from SEAD in Austria, Bodhi Project, an engineer from Warsaw University of Technology and a master from Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. Recipient of scholarships – DanceWEB 2013 (ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna, mentor: Ivo Dimchev); Carte Blanche 2013 Modul Dance (residency in Slovenia) and Alternative Dance Academy 2017 in Poznań (workshops with Frederic Gies and Jeanine Durning). She has gained stage experiences through working in places such as: Mufmi dance Theatre; Studio Buffo Theatre; in the framework of the programme called ‘Old Browar New Dance’ in Poznań, as well as by participating in projects of such artists as: Matej Kejzar, Ori Flomin, Jeremy Nelson, Rob Haden, Stephanie Thiersch, Johannes Wieland, Davis Freeman, Rafaele Giovanola, Maria Stokłosa, Jozef Frucek, Magłosia Haduch and Anna Nowicka. Thanks to these opportunities, she performed in Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, France and Poland.

She is also the author of works (i.a. “Yvonne, Yvonne”; “Europe.Inquiry”; “Hunted”) which were presented mainly in Poland, as well as in Germany, Spain and Czech Republic. Since 2010 she has also worked as an author of stage movement and choreography for actors. Till now, she has participated in around 35 (theatre and movie) productions collaborating with such artists as Agnieszka Glińska, Robert Jarosz, Anna Seniuk, Barbara Sass-Zdort, Zuzanna Solakiewicz, Michał Marczak, Krzysztof Skonieczny, Agnieszka Holland. She is into working on the verge of different realms of art. She is the member of the Centre in Motion (Centrum w Ruchu) – a space for performing arts in Warsaw.



Choreography is a tool of being ‘here and now’ and ‘a frame’ that exposes something which stays unnamed for language. Choreography is not only a process of learning bodily shapes or dance steps. Choreography can create a certain state of mind which allows performers and dancers to stay present and self-aware.

During the workshop we will concentrate on identifying and naming new strategies that will come out as a response of giving tasks. Participants will explore their creativity by doing selected movement exercises. Later on, they will be asked to transform physical experiences, thus gained, into words in spoken and written form. We will look at choreography as a way of exploring individual, social and culture understanding of our bodies. The main focus of the workshop will be directed at the idea of body transformation and memory.




Mui received training in Chinese classical and ethnic dance in Hong Kong. She joined the Hong Kong Dance Company from 1981 to 1990 as the principle dancer. In 1985, she won the Hong Kong Young Choreographer Competition and received a scholarship to study modern dance in New York. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she created works Awakenings in a Dream, Cursive Script and the Diary Series.

Mui became an independent choreographer / dancer / teacher in the 90s. Under the auspices of Asian Cultural Council, she took part in the International Choreographer’s Programme at the American Dance Festival and performed at the East & West Center, University of Hawaii. Mui was often commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company, the Hong Kong Dance Company and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to create new works. Her major works include Fragrant Garden, Water Music, E-motion, As Quick as Silver, Stories about Certain Women, Eulogy, la grace, Between Bow and String, Of Grandeur and Desolation, Kinetic Body Operatics, Pink Lily, October Red, Duet 3X, The Enigma of Desire – Dali vs Gala, Lot ̇us, Shui in Feng ̇Shui, Desperately Seeking Miss Blossom, Season N in Seasonal Syndromes, Love Accidentally and The Tales of Miles in Triptych.

Mui is an internationally renowned solo artist. She has been invited to many international arts festivals including Hong Kong Arts Festival (1994, 2001), Belgium International Arts Festival (1994), Lisbon Culturgest (1995), Re:Orient Dance Festival in London (1995), Hong Kong Festival at the Berlin Tacheles (1996), la Biennale du danse de Val-de- Marne (1997), Ein Fest in Wuppertal (1998), Venice Biennial Dance Festival (1999), Dancing-World Festival in Copenhagen (2000), the Lyon Biennale de la Danse (2000), Beijing Modern Dance Festival 2001, Dance Biennale Tokyo (2002), the Images of Asia Festival in Copenhagen (2003), the 25th and 35th Anniversary of the Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal (1998, 2008). In 2000, Mui was invited by Pina Bausch & Folkwang Tanzstudio to choreograph Whispering Colour and to perform as a guest dancer in The Rite of Spring with Tanztheater Wuppertal.

Mui was named the “Dance Ambassador” (2000) and is the four time winners of the Hong Kong Dance Awards for Choreography by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance. She was also named the “Outstanding Woman” by Wai Yin Association (2001). She was elected one of the Most Successful Women 2005 by Jessica Magazine and received the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service in 2007.

She is currently the Associate Choreographer of City Contemporary Dance Company in Hong Kong.



Improvisation-based class, with warm up, combination of techniques from classical Chinese dance and modern dance. Classical Chinese dance is rooted in the 5000 years of Chinese civilization. It focuses on the breathing and state of mind of the dancer, and emphasizes movements that are round and continuous. The body technique classical Chinese dance stresses on leaning, tilting and twisting.




Joseph Lee was born in Hong Kong and he began his dance training at the age of seventeen. Upon his graduation in The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor in Professional Accountancy, he decided to further his dance training at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School in UK, where he obtained his Master of Arts (Contemporary Dance) in 2015. Lee aims at expanding the imaginations in dance with his choreography and dance by extensive collaboration with different art forms.

Lee joined Unlock Dancing Plaza as an apprentice upon his return at the beginning of 2015 and became their resident artist afterwards.  He has worked with Crystal Pite, Maresa Von Stockert, Emmanuelle Vo-dinh and Chou Shui-yi.

Recent Choreography includes It tastes like you (2016), Folding Echoes (2016), The World Was Once Flat (2018).

Lee was awarded Arts Development Award for Young Artist from Arts Development Council in Hong Kong; the Chin Lin Foundation of Emerging Choreographer in Seoul. His first-directed dance video It tastes like you was selected in the Jumping Frame International Dance Video Festival (awarded the Audience’s Choice Award),  South Taiwan Film Festival, Festival of Recorded Movement in Canada, Perth Dance Festival – Screendance Award in Scotland and Cine-Corps in Paris for screening.

In 2017, Lee, together with an independent dance artist KT Yau, has launched the first local crowdfunded dance project re:do/ Joseph Lee/ KT Yau and re-staged his solo work Folding Echoes, which was invited to the International Performance Festival in Mainz, Germany and Beijing Dance Festival, City Contemporary Dance Festival, Guangdong Dance Festival and Hong Kong Dance Exchange, Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.



Joseph’s workshop provides an open and accepting environment for participants who aim at expanding their existing movement vocabularies by using different improvisation tools. It starts with gentle warm-up to increase mobility for more physical tasks. Then, touching would be introduced as the main tool for discovering space within the body. While placing more emphasis on other’s body and movement, participants are encouraged to reflect on themselves of their own movement patterns. By touching, observing, receiving touch from others, understanding logic of another moving body, participants could actively build up their own resource of alternatives, which will then offer them freedom and options during improvisation.