Thank you!

Thank you!

Let’s admit it honestly, we’ve worked like Trojan at this year’s BalletOFFFestival. But in addition to our work (the employees of the Krakow Choreographic Centre), a lot has happened so that this edition of festival could exist. We would like to thank those who supported us!

Many thanks to the artists who accepted the invitation to Krakow. The standing ovation at the end of the BalletOFFFestival is the best summary for your work. We have heard a lot of good reviews about performances at this year’s edition and we hope that this opinion will go far into the world!

We are very happy with all the premieres that took place during the festival and thank the artists for their hard work (we know before the premiere it is special hard!) and for the trust in our organization. We would like to thank the residents (Barbara Bujakowska, Daria Kubisiak, Sebastian Grygo, Kamil Tuszyński, Dominika Gryz, Aleksandra Krajewska, Paulina Rewucka, Paweł Żołądek) for creative stimulation, conversations but also cooperation. The fact that you come to us with your energy and ideas makes us see the meaning in the existence of the KCC. Big thanks also to Brian Michaels for his work with residents, constructive comments and being an eye from outside.

On the other hand we would like to thank the wonderful audience who not only watched the performances, but also participated in conversations after them. We are very happy that we can see new recipients who are curious, ask questions and share their reflections.

We would like to thank the workshop’s teachers for their willingness to share their knowledge and skills. This year we have received a lot of dancing good, and post surveys clearly say that this set of teachers is a hit. Since we are at the topic of workshops – we don’t forget to thank the participants for their discipline, curiosity and hard work. It’s a real pleasure to walk around the Cultural Centre where you can see dancing people in every next studio.

Many thanks to the entire technical team and for Bartek Szczygieł, our new technical manager. We also thank Maciej Połynko for coordination of technical matters. We greatly appreciate work on performances that take place on the backstage. Good job, thank you!

We would like to thank the employees of the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre for their understanding and help. Increased work in our department generates more work for them, and you know that no one likes additional tasks. Thank you in particular Dorota Kawęcka, without you this festival would not exists! Thanks are also due to those who usually don’t work with us – the volunteers. You are up to the task and we hope that you will come back to us, such help will always come in handy!

Many, many thanks to Katarzyna Bester, who supported KCC with her curator’s experience, helped to build the program and also conducted the talks after the performances.

We thank Katarzyna Machniewicz for photographic company during the whole festiwal, but also before and after it. We are extremely pleased that we could (at last!) show Katarzyna’s work in the form of a photography exhibition.

We would like to thank the entities and institutions that believed in the festival’s program and its importance, granting us funding. BalletOFFFestival 2018 was supported by the Municipality of Krakow, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Institute of Music and Dance, the European Union within the Creative Europe program.

The festival has come to an end, although, as you can imagine, we are still sitting in front of the excels, settlements, photos etc. But! We have already managed to evaluate the project and get to the next edition planning! So see you next year at the BalletOFFFestival and earlier at other events of the Krakow Choreographic Centre.