it will come later

it will come later – iCoDaCo International Contemporary Dance Collective

22 November 2018 THURSDAY 8 pm Main Stage PREMIERE

23 November 2018 FRIDAY 8 pm Main Stage

Makers – performers:
Lee Brummer
Mui Cheuk-Yin
Eddie Ladd
Joseph Lee
Weronika Pelczyńska
Imre Vass

Gwyn Emberton & Israel Aloni


Set & Space Design:
Simon Banham

Light Design:
Kathrine Sandys

Score Designer:
Rhodri Davies

Costume Design:
Hanka Podraza

Tour management:
Kristian Rhodes

The tiresome and never ending effort we put into minute moments. 
The effort it takes to bring ideas together. 
The effort it takes to push people away.
The effort it takes to push them even further.
The energy, dedication and persistence we summon to fit in and behave in society.
The struggle we endure to be productive.

Every moment counts, every effort matters. 
We lean towards the same thing we are being pushed away from. 
We continue…
We find piece of mind within the familiar, we know what will come later.
constant new beginnings.
We see the greater good, the common goal, maybe together we will get somewhere.

The artists in iCoDaCo 2018-2020 are working on a new piece called IT WILL COME LATER. In this work, the collective examines the concept of transformation from political, physical, spatial and psychological views. At its core, six artists from five countries create their first collective co-creation together.

Each artist brings a unique fascination with the force of transformation. The transforming politics in regions such as East Europe and China trigger a charged exchange amongst these artists.

This is the focal point of an interactive and inclusive operation which aspires to connect with communities and audiences.

The project promotes values such as diversity, tolerance and communality whilst creating a fresh contemporary dance piece that is influenced by the eclectic artistic and personal heritage of each artist in the collective.

iCoDaCo also interrogates collective artistic practices as a microcosm to large scale unions, such as the European Union, through lenses of identity, nationality, individuality, power structures and productivity.


iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective) is a biennial artist led intercultural exchange project within the landscape of contemporary dance. The collaborative project was first initiated by the Gothenburg (Sweden) based international company and organisation – ilDance, in 2012.

Every two years a new collective of international choreographers and dance artists are gathered together to form an exciting micro society (creative community) that functions as a symbolic representation of the macrocosmos (the world we live in). Informed by and corresponding to the social-political realities of each country represented by the collective, they co-create a new production over several residencies hosted in each represented country.

The idea of gathering a diverse group of artists who are dissimilar to each other and to facilitate their joined process of making a new piece, was originated from the ambition of the directors of ilDance, Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni, to demonstrate the possibility of people who are different to each other to not only coexist in a neutral manner but also, confront their differences and utilise them towards a creative and productive process of making a genuine art work that matters.

At a time where differences between individuals and societies are the cause for massive destruction and harm in our world, an artistic project which proposes and proves the feasibility of a contrary possibility, seems urgent.


iCoDaCo operates on a vastly inviting and generous model of community involvement. We strive to optimise our encounters the community and to include view points of the general public from the represented countries, in the new art work that is made throughout the project.

The creation process happens in residencies of at least two weeks in each country. During these residencies iCoDaCo opens its doors to the local dance community and invites local artists who are not part of the collective to join morning classes and occasional workshops led by the artists in the collective. This way, more artists from the participating countries have a chance to exchange methods and practices with the international artists in iCoDaCo.

For the general public, iCoDaCo opens the rehearsal space during the process where the public gets to not only view materials and ideas in development but also has the opportunity to share their opinions and comments about the subject matter and the forms of exploration and development conducted by the collective. By cultivating the process with a direct input of inhabitants of the communities that iCoDaCo visits along the way, we guarantee a more genuine and honest representation of the culture and social reality in the countries from which the collective members are from.

The development process is concluded by a performative result or exhibit which naturally utilises the diverse practices of the artists in the collective. When the piece is concluded or formulated, iCoDaCo returns to all the communities that they have visited during the creation process and present/perform the piece. Additionally, the piece is available to tour to other countries at a later stage.

We also hold artist talks after the performances in order to offer another opportunity for the public to correspond with the artists and learn more about the project and the process which is grandly inspired and informed by the visits and interactions in the various communities in the countries that the collective visits throughout the process.

iCoDaCo influences the individuals and the communities that interact with the project on multiple levels. The artists in the collective have a unique opportunity to work in a democratic environment where a group of individuals, used to leading their own practice and being the source of most answers in their creative processes, get to share, exchange and challenge each other’s practice in a nurturing, inspiring, fulfilling and exciting fashion.

The dance communities in each of the participating countries are able to enjoy the influences of all the international artists in the collective during the creation process and develop valuable networks amongst local and international artists in a calm, humble and noncompetitive setting. The organisations and institutions that cooperate with iCoDaCo instantly broaden their network and connections with parallel actors in the cultural field in the other participating countries. The general public in each participating country have an unmatchable opportunity to witness, be involved and to some extent influence the creation process of an international contemporary dance project.

Photo Credit_ Swire Properties’ ArtisTree – Jocelyn Tam