Kingdom Magda Jędra

24 November 2018 SATURDAY 8:00 pm Studio KCC


History used to take a mostly predictable course until its end, i.e. until the time when something weird began to affect time and the surrounding space. The order based on the coherence of these two notions proved to be transient. Supposedly, if something can break down, it will break down eventually. As it was the case in this instance. The world accelerated, and the multiplied centrifugal force tightened around its tangled structure. Embedded in post-chaos, performers try to re-integrate the shards of the remembered world. To live during an interregnum devoid of truth and order is unbearable. The civilisational tendency to reconstruct order, create improved forms of organisation, and look for homeostatic worlds, promising placidity or at least illusory security.


Choreography: Magda Jędra
Cooperation: Iza Sostak
Cast: Iza Szostak, Magda Jędra
Music: Szałas, Piotr Czajkowski, Die Antwoord

Lights: Karolina Gębska


Developed as part of the scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk. Co-financed by the City of Gdańsk.