iCoDaCo in Krakow!

iCoDaCo in Krakow!

The artists of iCoDaCo are finally in Krakow! We are very happy and we have a very intense time now. A lot of things must be set up as you can imagine.

We are waiting for the result – premiere of the performance “it will come later” on 22 November. Remember that the next showing is the day after, on 23 November and you can buy all of the tickets here https://biletyna.pl/event?q=balletofffestival

The artists in iCoDaCo 2018-2020 are working on a new piece called IT WILL COME LATER. In this work, the collective examines the concept of transformation from political, physical, spatial and psychological views. At its core, six artists from five countries create their first collective co-creation together.

Each artist brings a unique fascination with the force of transformation. The transforming politics in regions such as East Europe and China trigger a charged exchange amongst these artists.

This is the focal point of an interactive and inclusive operation which aspires to connect with communities and audiences.

The project promotes values such as diversity, tolerance and communality whilst creating a fresh contemporary dance piece that is influenced by the eclectic artistic and personal heritage of each artist in the collective.

iCoDaCo also interrogates collective artistic practices as a microcosm to large scale unions, such as the European Union, through lenses of identity, nationality, individuality, power structures and productivity.

Makers – performers:
Lee Brummer
Mui Cheuk-Yin
Eddie Ladd
Joseph Lee
Weronika Pelczyńska
Imre Vasi

Gwyn Emberton & Israel Aloni


Set & Space Design:
Simon Banham

Score Designer:
Rhodri Davies

Costume Design:
Hanka Podraza

Tour management:
Kristian Rhodes